Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rapid Ric Video Shoot - We Party In D-Town - Big Pokey and More

I don't even know why y'all hit this page anymore what with me being so shoddy with the updates. But um, I'm glad y'all do.

Dallas folks - after tha Mav's win Game 1 of the Playoffs, come on down to Club Stress (635 between Preston and Montfort) and party with me, DJ Chill and the one dem call Julia Beverly. We are celebrating the release of the new Ozone Magazine with my DALLAS GOT NEXT article in it. I'll post that up in its entirity after the Ozone hits the shelves. Everyone who's anyone in the Dallas Music scene says they will be there and so will I. So come down and kick it.

This past weekend I headed up to Austin for the Rapid Ric featuring Chalie Boy and Magno video shoot for the song "Pullin' Up." Yo, for real, this video is gonna be insane. The filming itself was top notch, but they have some major post production tricks up their sleeves. Get ready for it. Here's some shots...

For more - better - shots check out these sites:

Tony C's Texas Heater


Luxury Mindz

What it Dew?

Ric, Wes and Producer Jason of South Fortress. He did the video for "Swang"

The Mixtape Mechanic

Luckily the barbershop at the second location had this sign in the window. It was because of this that I felt safe on 12th and Chicon...

Gerald Geezy is the newest voice in the What It Dew Family seen here with Axsel and Wes. Throwed Music store coming soon to Austin.

Chalie Boy

MC Fatal passed thru and took this shot with Mr. Blakes

MC Fatal

Mr. Blakes as barber to Da Ryno

DJ Bull of Dirty 3rd Records

Big J actually is a barber, that's Magno in the chair

Sam's BBQ on 12th Street is a 12th street institution. I actually ate a lil beef sausage that day and I don't eat beef, normally.

This OSuthside Playaz poster has been up at Sam's for as long as I can remember. I used to come here with Andre Walker way back in the days. Like seriously, 15 years ago and shit. Not sure when the poster went up but peep the young 3-2. RIght next to the Boss and Leann Rimes. They do not discriminate when it comes to the jams.

Magno - hey a&r fuckholes, do you not hear him or what?


Black Meezy, Rapid Ric, Mr. Blakes

Mr. Blakes, Tosin from thescrewshop.com, Magno

DJ Bull, Axsel

Gerald Geezy in the heezy

O.K. So here's a weird story. I'm standing on 12th and Chicon with Mr. Blakes and Black Mike across from the barber shop. 12th and Chicon is the hood in Austin. Like every hood in close proximity to a downtown area in America, it's getting a bit gentrified but thats not the point. I'm standing there conversating with this dude who is obviously cracked out. He's saying how Black Mike is the greatest guy (and he is) and Blakes is telling him how Mike saved him from a life of crime. After he says this, the cracked out dude shakes all our hands and tells us how real this music shit is. Anyway these two girls stop their bikes by us to see what is going on at the video shoot. The white girl on the right says to me "Hey are you Matt from HoustonSoReal?" And I'm all like "Uh, um, yeah I guess, um..." And she says "I read your blog all the time. We're going to see Barbarella, bye." I was like, um did a white girl just pass me on a bicycle at 12th and Chicon and say she reads my blog? Weird shit happens to me all the time but that shit was weird.

Black Mike thinks she was sent by my wife to "set me up in a trap." I doubt it, she rode off pretty fast. Weird shit though. People actually read this thing.

Lester Roy formerly of the Swishahouse and my man Tony C.

Lil Mario also FORMERLY of the Swishahouse

This is the start of the second day where they filmed at the Driskill hotel.

Don't trip now.

Video models like getting their pictures taken. Thank God for me and YOU.


Chalie with the Director Tom Campbell.

Marc of 3rd Degree with the folks from Money Made Clothing.

During the filming me and Mr. Blakes wandered down 6th street to find some food and beer. We went into Daddy's for some wings and this waitress told us she was not photogenic so I snuck this one off of her. Go tell her what you think.

Ryno and Chalie Boy

Go Texas

Brandi and Ric. Brandi was the babysitter for the video shoot. I could have brought my kids and they could have played with Ric's nephews, damn. They were in good hands.

This dude wandered up on me and Mr. Blakes as we were about to smoke a... funny cigarette in the alley behind the Driskill. Not only is he a drunk Austin duuuuude but he's been in some movies including the one with Jackass dude acting like a retarded Olympian. He says the line "What the fuck?" Supposedly.

Self portrait

After a long 2 days here's Chalie Boy asleep. I didn't take any photos at the Back Room for the club scene cuz I was tired too and just didn't take the camera out of my bag. By the time they started shooting at the club (scheduled for 6 pm happened at midnight maybe?) I was on the way home to bed. I just couldn't take it anymore. I'm not a studio/video shoot type of guy.

And here is where I play catch up. I haven't had time to resize and post photos in a coupel of weeks I guess. So heres a bunch from the Hawk Tribute show in Austin a coupel weeks back and a show V-Zilla throwed last week before Damage Control. Oh and there's some photos from last weeks Damage COntrol too where Mr. Blakes and them kilt the freestyle. Scroll down a couple posts and download it if you haven't already.

J. Kapone opened up. Was surprised I didn't see him and the Top Dollar guys at the Rapid Ric video shoot.

Grit Boys held it down as well.

James Dean is doing great things in Austin

This girl opened the show too. She recorded a song with Hawk, which she performed tonight. I got kind of choked up when Hawks verse came on to be really real with you.

Shaian, my man from London was in the house with Grit and here you see him buying a CD from the girl above. This girl was walking around the club making men come straight out their pockets for one of her cds. Talking all close and shit. Remind me to hire her when the HoustonSoReal DVD comes out this summer.

I took that photo. Big Hawk RIP. We miss you man.

Pokey wreckin'

DJ Grip, VIP mayne

Pretty Todd and Shaian

Then the rest are from the V-Zilla event at Warehouse Live. Rob G was in the house too but I had to leave before he came on stage to go do Damage Control.

Pitch Brown

Pitch Brown

Mr. Blakes and Da Ryno

My boy Bubba finna be a big record mogul

Da Ryno

The ARE - produced a lot of stuff for K-Otix and more

V-Zilla and Mic from K-Otix

DJ Chill, DJ Gloss, Icy and Crew

DJ Ebonix wrecked all night!

DJ Ebonix, Rapid Ric

New Ozone, go get dat

Mr. Blakes a top notch performer, hands down best in all of hip hop. Get with it.

My man Rico witht he K-Otix

Freeze at KPFT

Da Ryno meets DJ Ryno! And BP of Street Pharmacy

Rapid Ric and DJ Chill

And since I'm addicted to YouTube here a lil video my man Push sent me of DJ Screw's cousin DJ BIG BABY on them tables cutting up Twisted Black.

Anyway it's been a hell of a few weeks. I'll have Dallas party photos up this weekend. Get ready ready.


Anonymous Sl@brun3r said...

Man 12th and Chicon!!! I get my haircut over there and eat at Sams BBQ. Its good seeing the Eastside come up.

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Sl@brun3r said...

When is this video going to be complete and what album is the song on?

8:56 PM  
Anonymous E-Red out of A.TX said...

Austin baby !!! What up Black Mike !! Black Meezy !!! This is E-red And T Moore !! We rep hard for our City !! So when do this video come out ?? Ya'll need to let us know when somebody coming back so we can be in they next video !!! Southside and Body Rock for 'em !!!

11:37 AM  
Anonymous E-Red out of A.TX said...

Oh Yeah to let ya know what's real in A.TX, Them Boyz out of Kraigwood is working on they undaground shhhh and it is all too live !!! Black Mike know tha deal.... DS Entertainment and No Brakes Just Gas.....
Check 'em out when you come back to tha city, they live with the rap shhh.!!!!

12:32 PM  
Blogger littledempsey@hotmail.co.uk said...

Hello Chaps,
Jolly good to see you all enjoying yourselves in what looks like a very merry Houston!
My chums have been telling of your site for sometime,so, i have come to peruse your "thing";i like what i see very much.
What we all like the most is the redheaded model.To we brigands in The Royal Forest Of Dean, Gloucestershire, she is as close to perfection as is Humanly possible!
Jasper and Titch are saying "More Of Her! I will agree with them.
If we ever retire from banditry and your Homeland Security will ever let us into the US, we shall come and visit you fellows on the Eastside as you seem to know what a good time is all about.
Keep the site going and more of the redhead!
Must flee as the Rangers are here.

5:13 PM  
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