Saturday, March 11, 2006

Devin the Dude and the Coughee Brothaz New CD Now Available ONLY ONLINE!

Maaaaaaaaan I feel like I personally have waited YEARS for this. What you are getting here is a great collection of works by the Coughee Brothaz (Devin the Dude, Odd Squad and waaaaay more great artists). It's been 12 years since the classic Odd Squad CD Fad Enuf Fa Erybody came out and now you can finally hear what these boys have been up to. This is not a mixtape of these guys freestyling over other peoples beats. This is a straight up compilation of Coughee Brothaz tracks, many of which feature Devin the Dude.

It's a must have, trust me. Order today cuz they will run out soon and you know these stoned muthafuc.... Say I actually saw them stuffing these things in envelopes wiht my own eyes. SO YOUR CD IS READY TO SHIP NOW! You can only get it online at the moment so ORDER YOURS NOW VIA PAY PAL! CLICK THE PAY PAL ICON BELOW!

Here's the track list:

1. Coughee Brotha Time - Intro Produced by DJ Domo
2. All Rightchall
3. The More I Smoke
4. It's Time Skit
5. We Gettin High
6. Don't Get Me Wrong
7. Coughee In My Cup
8. Piece of the Pie
9. Dime a Dozen
10. Know What I'm Talkin' Bout - Skit
11. Cock Hounds
12. On the Road
13. Fresh Rims N Vogues
14. Southern Fried Funk
15. Yee Haw
16. These Streets
17. Rise-N-Shine
18. Medieval Times Skit

It features The Odd Squad, Rob Quest, Jugg Mugg and Devin the Dude, Production by DJ Domo (DJ for Scarface and the Geto Boys since 1991), Scarface, 14K, Tre, Manchild, Bruce Bang, Storm, Tony Mac, Big Moe, Boonie Loc, KB, and way way more.

Most of these tracks are unheard by the general public, but you can hear a few of them on the Coughee Brothaz My Space Page.

Click Here for Audio Samples on the Coughee Brothaz MySpace Page!!!

Enough of the hard sell. For now this CD is ONLY AVAILABLE DIRECTLY THROUGH DEVIN THE DUDE AND THE COUGHEE BROTHAZ. You can order it for $14.99 postage paid and all that thru Pay Pal. Click the button above and GET YOURS TODAY!. They are all packed up and they guarantee immediate shipping.


Anonymous nick Liao said...

question matt -

where's yungstar and what's he doing these days? still in the game? same with ESG. any sort of website these guys got where we can keep up with them?

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alrighty, copped it at once. Hopefully my copy reaches Belgium this century!

Good look Matt,

5:52 AM  
Anonymous csdd3rd said...

looks good Matt...just ordered mine!

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Nicety said...

Hey Matt- Do you know anything about their supposed March 30 show mentioned in My Space? I looked at the Warehouse Live site and nothing is mentioned.

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Nicety said...

Nevermind. Slight delay

4:42 PM  
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