Friday, April 07, 2006

This How I Do

I got both babies in my lap. EVa wants candy, Elena wants to sleep and we gotta get on the road to Austin for the Texas Relays. Holla at me if yer out in them streets.

Just to let you know, our MAJOR announcement Wednesday night was that Damage Control has got our hour back. Beginning April 19th we will be 12 a.m. - 3 a.m. again. Expect a lot.

If yer in New York this coming week come holler at me and Rapid Ric at Sway Monday Night. It's FIona Blooms birthday party! Then Wednesday April 12th come celebrate the release of the new SOurce Magazine with us at Strata. Ric will be spinning and Bavu Blakes and Chalie Boy will be in the house. Major labels with brains will come out and sign up all three them boys.

Anyway here's some photos I did with the GhostWriters, Short Dog of Party 104.9 and the G-Z Unit girls Liz, Alejandra and Lilly. Enjoy.



Short Dog

JJ of Plaboy Click


Then that night I went and tripped out to the sounds of the ICP Orchestra. Recognize the Dutch. Big Thanks to Dave Dove, Deep Listening Institute and Diverse Works.

Han Bennink

Wolter Wierbos

Tristan Honsinger, Tobias Delius, Ab Baars

Mischa Mengelberg

And then these are just so shiny happy. Enjoy your weeked. I'm off to Austin to meet my new niece Leila.


Blogger rio rocket valledor said...


damn, i gotta miss your monday AND wednesday NYC gigs?!?!

bad timing for me, bro

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your site is so heat... crazy girl shots and then those old ruler dudes... and young powerful ruler children... the spectrum. Matt you rule!
and sooo bummed about missing the Scre York City party tomorrow! I'll be there in two weeks, but... two weeks too late!
thanks for rippin

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man matt your site is gravy, reminds me the rest of tha world doesnt suck as much as my town but on tha real i see you down with those jazz gonna make an appearance at the N.O. Jazz Fest?

6:42 PM  
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