Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Blowfly - The Original Rapper - Live in Houston Friday???

Mayne mayne, what you know about Blowfly??? The original rapper from Florida who preceded 2 Live Crew by like 30 years with his cut "Rap Dirty" and has torn up more stages over his career than 10 of your favorite rappers combined????

This dude is coming to Houston Friday night, this Friday, December 2nd to Rudyards and will be playing with none other than DJ JESTER. That's my SoReal partner for SoLong. Anyway, this is going to be probably the most fun concert Houston has seen since last weeks Gangbang. It's HoustonSoReal officially endorsed and um, well if I tell you what special guests will be in the house, paying homage the the Fly, well, just see the photo directly below this post and you'll have an idea.

Plus, I got this from a very reliable source, in fact, from one of the only people I truly trust in this world that a Devin the Dude/Blowfly/Rudy Ray Moore with Mr. Mixx of 2 Live Crew hosting, tour is now in the works for the US, Canada and Europe.

Will Devin the Dude and Blowfly record something together this weekend in Houston??? Man I can't tell you that. Just show up at Rudyards on Friday night and we shall see.

Rudyards, 2010 Waugh Dr., Houston, TX. 713-521-0521


Don't miss this one, come tip one of them dranks with me...

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Scarface Presents The Product
What You Know About That?

More info coming this week. Suffice it to say, Scarface Presents The Product out early 2006 on Underground Railroad, distributed by Koch. Tracks I heard are fire produced by Scarface, Tone Capone and NO Joe I think did one of the ones I heard. My Homies 2 Coming Soon too.

And Houston is gonna fall off in 2006 how???

I really don't think so. At least 2 Scarface albums, a Devin album, Rob G., Magno, so many more still on deck for Houston. Shit, in 2006 Houston is going to innovate...

San Francisco's Will Hen, Jackson, Mississippi's Young Malice, Scarface

I wrote all that above because yesterday 2 people asked me in the span of 5 minutes whether or not I thought Houston was gonna last through 2006. I said hell yes. It's sustained itself nicely for 20 years. Right now my dream is to get Scarface, The Product and K-Rino on Damage Control together tomorrow.

I'ma try to work that out...

DJ Eleven - Houston Rocks It Free Mixtape Download

Maaaaan DJ Eleven sent me this link a couple weeks back, and I had some issues with the artwork he sent downloading properly or whatever, and then I just let it slip. I was going through some old emails and found this link and realized that I gotta get this link up cuz it's fiyah! So here you go. Enjoy it, share it, comment below...


Monday, November 28, 2005

Photos from Southside Gangbang Houston, Texas 11-25-05

Man it's taken me all day to edit and resize these photos. Babies on the lap, all that shit. But here they are. Photos from the thowdedest party to hit Houston in the past week. Yep, Southside Gangbang. Y'all know the deal. I gotta get on this spaghetti sooooo... enjoy. Thanks so much to Roxy, Anabella at Havana, Marlon at Heineken, Jeff Messina, Jonathan Soundman, Chris and Gracie, Rapid Ric, DJ Chill, Bavu Blakes, Grit Boys, Grid Iron Boys, everyone who showed up, etc...

Oxycottontail opened up the evening on them wheels and got it live with a mix of hip-hop, 80's, Baltimore, basically a mish mash of everything.

Rapid Ric hit the decks second.

Roxy hollering at Scooby through a hole in the wall.

Super Stylist Angel was in the house. With that style.

My boy Brent worked the door. And dealt with a lot of bitch ass motherfuckers (and all you good people too). Man for real, I never caught so much shit at a door in my life. For example. This one dude, a total bitch in a salmon colored shirt, came to the door and basically told Brent he had to let him and his party in free, he announced that he had a "Midtown Party" waiting to get in. Dude, I have no idea what a Midtown party is and I don't care. Fuck Midtown. All Midtown is is some stolen land in my fuckin' book.

So I come to the door and dude basically says to me "Look dude you need to let me and my party in, you are fucking up man. We are a Midtown party. You ask any manager in any club in Midtown and they will tell you..." At this point he starts raddling off club managers names like I am some faggit who goes to Midtown clubs and would know what the fuck he is talking about.

So I says to the guy, "Look I really don't give a fuck. The cover is $10, pay it or leave."

And he grabs me in a bear hug of sorts and says "YOu are REALLY fucking up. Me and my peoples will come in here and spend money. We buy bottles, shit, look at th ebitches you got in here, I got real fine girls yougot some wack shit here man you need to let me in." At which point I pushed him off me and said "Look, I still don't know what you are talking about. Why are you sweating me to get in when this shit is wack? You wanna grab people? Shit, that's not how you're gonna get in here boy."

he really didn't like that I called him boy. So he turned around and stormed out. Of course I followed him. I wanted to see his Midtown party. The fucking sack of shit walked down the street by himself and never came back.

I've never been so close to murder. That was the most annoyingly homoerotic experience I have ever had. In his little salmon shirt. He was huge too. But I was SoReady.

DJ's Domo and Rapid Ric

Party on the dancefloor.

BBC and his boy were inthe house again selling shirts and them pictures.

Heineken came through wiht the $2 love all night. Man, I'm telling you that does not hurt a party one bit.

Bavu Blakes didn't need to use the stage. He took the cordless mic and started his set at the back of the room, winding his way through the crowd and ont the dancefloor. Dude totally killed it and left fools floored. For real, dude had a genuine show and left a serious impression on folks.

As evidenced by these photos.

BBK and Mike from the Grid Iron.

My man Bradley from Hot 93 in Austin even made the trek to Houston for the party. Respect!

As did Brian Lee Hughes, my big time director friend from California. He did these MTV2 spots in Houston last year with folks from Grit Boys, DJ Chill, Paul Wall and more. Shit was fun and we've been homeys ever since. Dude is off the chain with it. Google him.

A crazy old man named Bubba and my wife Melissa all up in the place to be.

Scavone took the stage after Bavu and ripped it.

Grit Boys straight killed it and had the crowd trippin', even though Niq was on the road with Paul Wall. Yung Redd filled in and killed it in his place.


Young Redd





I told y'all that boy Ryan Donowho now known exclusively and properly as "Johnny from the O.C." was in the house.

He's a drug addled surfer thug boy from Orange County now. No longer is he the drug addled drummer boy from the Montrose.

Yes he's a big time actor boy now with a Girl Boner page on LiveJournal and everything. He's JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY from the O.C. and he's coming for your daughter.

Johnny from the O.C. and CeePlus

My man Zin, Johnny from the O.C. and Scavone chillin'.

Ashley from Alief was in the building. Dude road managed Jay Z for some time and has worked with Damon Dash and is now just a big time playa in this here game...

Then A-Trak hit the stage. I guess there were some issues with one of the arms on one of my turntables, I don't know, but dude still ripped it.

Atrak and Killa Kutz!

Folks bascially rushed the stage to get a closer look at A-Trak.

Aubin and my man JD were in the house.

Bavu, Rapid Ric, JD, Mr. Cree

CeePlus and big time writer guy Craig D. Lindsey were chillin'.

Damon Boys and Girls Club doin' the damn thang! RESPECT!

Dru Fay from ME Television made the trek from Austin as well.

GiGi and friend

HANDS UP! Houston...

Super designer/genius Mike Frost does most of the graphics and cool stuff for the Swishahouse and designed a lot of the CD's that have come out of Houston in past years, seen here with Angel.

That boy iTodd aka DJ WhatNow? whylin' out, next to Greta...

iTodd's flip flops were a hit!

Josh of Chamillitary and Nancy Byron, who now lives in Houston

Genica, Rapid Ric and Nancy Byron

Laura Griffin and iTodd

Roxy, Rapid Ric, Bavu Blakes

Sean P of Set 4 Life aka Will Hustle and Southern Girl

Johnny from the O.C.'s big brother Matt Donowho

Me and Bernard Gambrell from Street Pharmacy

Roxy and Dru Fay

Mike Frost and Lance Walker, Lance wrote the review on the Chronicle Blog

That girl MONSTER and BBC


Nancy and Me


Roxy and Angel took Houston by storm this past weekend SoReal.

Roxy, BBK and Me

Roxy and CeePlus doing shots. I stuck to Heineken.

Anabella is the manager of Havana and she really hooked us up, as did SOundman Jonathan. Next time we'll get it together waaaay earlier... There has to be a next time!

Set 4 Life!

Southern Girl and Roxy

The man V-Zilla!

Johnny from the O.C.'s father Wayne Donowho and my man Kwame.

Witnes, Ashely and Crystal Lee



Witnes, a dude whos name escapes me and Gracie


Bavu, Pretty Todd and Poppy

Attorney Kim Hatter, Chris Johnson, Young Redd and Poppy

Les Jacobs and crew.

Then we all headed to the after party at Mike Frosts crib. See all the action here...

Yep... well, the party wasn't all like this...

Me and Mike Frost, our host...

Roxy playing Grand Theft Auto.

It really wasn't all like this.

The balcony's in 4th Ward have some great views. Really though, those are some historic buildings in the background there. You don't even know, and probably never will as the whole area is being bulldozed in the name of Midtown parties I think. Anyway, I don't know.

Anyway the whol enight was fucking thowed. I plan to do a Christmas in Havana party in Decemeber. I'll have date for you this week. Roxy doesn't like this idea, but let me ask you...

How would you feel about a free party, where I DJed Christmas Music all night? I have the weirdest collection of Christmas music ever, thousands of songs you probably never heard. All styles. Would you be down to come to a free party and hear me do that??? Roxy is scared to do it in New York, so NYC people please stand up and tell me which one of us is crazy. leave your comments below. I'm definitely DJing CeePlus' Christmas party with him and DJ Jester, so get ready ready. I'll post that date as soon as I know as well...

Thanks again to all y'all. No news from the Pimp C camp yet...