Friday, October 28, 2005

Devin the Dude HoustonSoReal Hitting Canada Again
Halloweed Night and Dia de los Muertes
Austin Texas Devin Big Mike Bavu Domo Realness?

Whatchu Know Bout Halloweed???

Josh Martinez now performing on both dates.

Man... Canada come down and party with us. VansterdamSoReal.

Halloween - Oct. 31st in Vancouver at Atlantis Nightclub. With JOSH MARTINEZ! 1320 Richards St., Vancouver B.C., Ph: 604 662 7707
e-mail: -

Tuesday - Nov. 1st in Whistler at Moe Joe's.
Moe Joe's 4115 Golfers Approach Whistler, BC. V0N 1B4 Phone: (604) 935-1152, -


And oh yeah, here's a lil early warning for you Texans who wanna see the Dude as well:

Feel the funky real.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Rapid Ric in NYC Again - Austin on Damage Control - Astros Hurt My Heart - Roxy Worked - Texas Wept - I Don't Know

Oi vey. Boyzstillinadaze. I'm saying man. I hate when I don't blog at least every other day. I feel like I'm falling off exponentially. But I do have an excuse, shit I have a wealth of excuses, ready for anything. But shit reason why I haven't hit y'all up in a week is well, I was out the country last weekend in Mexico, for a very short stint, South Padre Island for a short stint as well. Family business. Then I went to New York City for another one of our HoustonSoReal + Oxycottontail Extravaganzas.

Lookit New York.

So cold.

Out my boy Scavones window. More on him later.

So yeah I don't know how much I'ma be able to write here. New York was quite cold and rainy for the 2 days I spent there, and of course your boy spent the majority of the 2 days walking in the rain. Like the girl who broke Oran Juice Jones heart. Though I was holding no hands, no, no one I know would be dumb enough to walk fromt he east village to midtown and back in the 45 degree rain storm. Just me, dumb dumb fat fat mcgee.

Anyway I finally met Knuckleduster, my favorite graphic designer who was responsible for the Devin the Dude and Chingo Bling NYC flyers as well as a gang of RoxyCottonButt flyers as well. Dude is crazy cool, way up on his business, and a brillant mind. Respect mayne. Um bro I need to do these A-Trak Houston Flyers. I'ma call him...

Lin Yee came out to party. Even for the pre party at my man Scavones. More on him later.

So the party ended up being dope. DJ Elle opened up and jammed fools on down, then Rapid Ric took em from like 1 a.m. - 4 a.m. Ugh. Boy kills 'em everytime. That's Roxy right there. Girlinadaze. Feel that.

Warning, drinking while pregnant may cause birth defects. Luckily that don't apply to the dads while pregnant.

Jean Grae showed up once again an bought me a Stella. I owe you one Jean. She recently signed to Talib Kweli's label and will hopefully be taking over the entire rap game as she is one of the most intriguing voices ever to enter the genre, and I mean it. Some years ago I wrote something like "The hardest voice coming out of New York is not G-G-G-G-G-in, or sporting a Roc A Fella piece and chain... she's..." That's right she's Why Jen Grae the hardest lyricist in the world right now? Again, it's an honor and a pleasure each time Ms. Grae. Smarty pants.

This here is Ben Plimpton, aka Omen. We used to live together in Austin, Texas circa 1995. He's been in NYC for some time now. Does web design, graphic design and all sorts of other artistic shit. We bonded 10 years ago over weed and a love for hardcore rap. Lived on the south side of Austin in a house with rats the size of Ben's shoes (15?) overrunning the joint. It was a live ass house tho. BENSOREAL!

Sae One always in the place to be. He did thew beat for that new ipod Nano commercial and produced a hype ass new mixtape for Scavone, all centered around old classic rock beats, you are gonna flip when you hear it. You heard Bavu's "Southern Man" or Scavone, Bad Seed and Pumpkinhead doing "Who Are You?" Yes, you have, on Damage COntrol. That shit is fresh to death.

Rio Rocket and my boy JOn Caramanica both braved the raina nd cold to come kick it with us. Respect my bro bro's.

And there she is, hardest lyricist in New York. You want to dispute that??? JeanGraeSoFuckingReal.

So real she had to hold the bar to keep from falling over after multiple whiskeys and/or whatever else. I have no idea. So faded on a Monday night.

Why I'm always partying on a Monday?

Are these legal? New Yorkers...

J. Lee straight went the fuck off when Ric hit 'em with that "Top's Drop." RIP Fat Pat indeed.

Somebody brought the realest party favors. That's what I love about New York bars. No smoking cigarettes, but....

Alanna always got a special message to send back to Texas with me.

And there's your boy. DJ Rapid Ric, the Mixtape Mechanic, wreckin'...

Some girls told him on this particular night that they could make him 4 times what he makes on a MOnday nigth at Sway. Uh huh. Yeah. But they weren't as thowed, and live, and motivated, and sincere as Roxy so I just really don't know about that. Why rain gotta fuck up our program? Whatever. Every other night we have done at Sway shit has been over packed. This particular night was just packed. And live as fuck.

Happy birthday to Planet Asia who showed up, but I didn't get a photo of him. Also I got to kick it with my man J-Zone. Feel the funky real. Jacked from Oxy's site...

J-Zone and Me been down for a long while without ever having even met till this moment. He's also one of my favorite New York MC's

Rapido continued...

That's my man Scavone with Jean Grae. We been down like a mug for many years. I'll have to tell y'all the Scavone story in its entirity one day. Then sell it as a TV movie. ScavoneSoReal. You don't know.

Me and Roxy got these parties pon lock...

Marni and Alanna Blonde doing thier thang thang.

Scavone pretty tough eh?

I can't get too into it man, I need to refrain from egtting too into it but suffice it to say "Thank God Jean Grae put this man in a a taxi."

These dancing girls forced us to stay up in the club clean up till 4 in the morning.


Another jam fest brought to you by that SoRealFamilia.

You know bout them right?

Then Tuesday night, after another long day of trudging the cold, rainy streets of New York in its entirity, we all went over to the Scavone casa to watch them Astros, for 14 innings of heartache. Luckily AstraSoReal was there to keep our spirits up.

Me and Scavone go really far back. Really, one night when I have more time I'ma tell the Scavone story.

That right there is me, my man Joe Scavone and Rob Scavone. Joe Scavone is a brilliant voice in my life Incredible man. Teacher scholar type who tells motherfuckers how it gotdamn is. I gotta tell the Scavone famiglia story one of these damn days on this damn thing. Problem is, tonight I'm still depressed by them Astros.

And you people don't want to read anyway...

Cousin Peter Levin and Scavone. Peter is an amazing keyboard player.

Scavvy - D the Rugged Man

We be getting fucked up.

While Roxy works. She was smart enough to just work, as the Astros lost and we sent brain cells flying out the windows. Damn.

SO yeah the Astros lost, had me up so late I almost missed my plane Wednesday monring. But obvoiously I made it home to do that Damage Control.


We talked to my man Prodigy and his folks from the Real Hip Hop Network. Very curious about that.

And Black Mike and Basswood Lane came thru from Austin. Click above to get that show. We had one of the livest freestyles we have had in a while. You won't be sorry.

One more Gin.

And shit pretty sure I didn't upload this here show from earlier this month so go head and get that now. BONUS LATE DAMAGE CONTROL!

TOMORROW NIGHT. I mean, well pretty much tonight. FRIDAY NIGHT OCTOBER 28th!


For real. Their Avenue of the Observatory album is off the chain, on some wild inter stellar new Houston type shit. You'll freak out. Heights, that's my hood. Sort of, I'm two blocks west of them Heights. I won't flood.

Go get dat.

Oh yeah don't miss this:
Scion/ScionLife Pumpkin Carving Contest
... rappers need not apply

AND CANADA STAND UP! At least the west side. I'ma be out in Vancouver with Devin the Dude at Atlantis Night Club Halloween Monday night Oct. 31st. And in Whistler with Devin as well Tuesday November 1st at Moe Joes.

Halloween show in Vancouver featues the man Josh Martinez. You wanna come party with us? Please do. And bring hash.


Sunday, October 23, 2005

DJ Rapid RIc Live in New York - See You There Mon. & Tues. Oct. 24 - 25

Say what's up y'all,

Matt Sonzala here. Just reaching out to let you know that I'ma be in New York these next two days (Monday Oct. 24 and Tuesday Oct. 25) with DJ Rapid Ric.

He's got a show at SWAY. Peep the details:

Houston So Real
In Association with Retail Mafia Presents...
Rapid Ric (Texas/Mixtape Mechanic)
& DJ Elle (SXRZ)
Fubz Birthday XXX-travaganza
@ SWAY 305 Spring St.
(btwn Greenwich & Hudson)
$5 Suggested Donation so Rapid Ric can get back to Austin TX

Anyway, I REALLY want to see you there as it's not everyday that I get to New York, only every month.

I'll be out and about on Tuesday, watching the Astros come back and start
whooping fools, but I REALLY want to see you Monday. Come holler.

Thanks again Roxy.

PEACE matt

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hot 93 Meltdown in Austin Truly Was Hot

As evidenced by these photos.

Man I'm telling you. 3200 people in a sold out house for Smitty, Slim Thug, Webbie, Lil Rob, Chamillionaire, and Paul Wall live in concert in celebration of Austin's livest radio station (besides um, KUT of course) Hot 93.3. Man it went fuckin' down.

I'm fucking sick now, missing Bun B's show at the ROxy cuz I can't stop coughing and need to sleep before I go outta town tomorrow, then back outta town on Monday.

I'ma see you in New York for Rapid Ric Monday night right??? We'll talk more about that later.

Anyway here's a gang of photos. I'ma notate where I can, suffice it say, once again, it was thowed. Thanks for the good folks at Hot 93 (WHAT UP BRADLEY, BOB, RIC, BABY G, KURUPT, BROTHA K, etc... my peoples) for a magnanimous event.

Dat Boy Mikee and Shawp P of Set 4 Life

Killa Kyleon

Magno and Ryno

Bob Lewis, PD of Hot 93 and Rapid Ric

Dru Fay of ME Television interviews Smitty. Y'all need to look out for ME Television. Austin's new 24/7 music channel. They took over channel 15 on the cable from the Austin Music Network and are doing big things. Very excited for it. I'm going to try and help them bring this music to you all I can.

Jack Daniels was a sponsor this evening. This particular Jack Daniels girl did the best job out of all of them.

DJ Mr. Rogers and CHOPS. That's right my man CHOPS came down from Philly.

Rapid Ric and Me Pushermania Matt Sonzala - Thanks to DJ Ayres for the HOT shirt. All the folks who saw it were trippin; and loving it and then I'd say "Yeah I got it from my man in New York" they'd say "AAWWWW NEW YORK ALWAYS BE TRYING TO TAKE OUR SHIT MAN." Which is fine by me, take me once a month.

It went down...

Magno, Bradley of Hot 93.3 before receiving his grill from Paul Wall, Ryno

Bob Lewis, Slim Thug, 2 Big Bosses

Real party people JT The Coroner and Leola


OG Ron C, Rasaq, Rapid Ric

Rochelle really looked after a blogger I tell you what. Thank you Slim Thug and co. for not drinking all your beers.

Ryno and Shawn P

Set 4 Life!

Slim's car

Hello. Yes, they come in all shapes and sizes.

Lexi is always in the place. She's a singer but will never sing for me.

Lexi gonna be famous.

Ryno, Webbie, Magno

Dru Fay interviews Webbie

Capitol City Shirt is too real.

Dru Fay interviews Slim Thug

Webbie on stage

Me and FLynn D. I really thought no one was gonna have that shirt, but I was wrong.

DJ Kurupt

Dot Komm

Kiotti Freestyled during one of Rapid Ric's sets

Some of the good ladies of Hot 93.3. Hello.

If you act like you want me to take your picture (or if you act like you really DON'T want me to take your picture, Im gonna go overboard.

as you can see. This is only about a third of the shots.

Man hold up.

Straight Flossin' with Laura Griffen.

Chamillion in truck.

Cham and CHOPS

Cham and Rasaq

Craig Stewart SoReal of South By Southwest

Kiotti, Cham

Cotorola and OG Ron C

Dru interviews OG Ron C

Trae performed with Paul. SO REAL!

CHOPS and my man Mike Baxter made the trek.

Real partiers, peep the grill.

JTon and Trae

PT and Unique of Grit Boys

What it Dew Magazine in the house

GU and CHOPS found some friends


Paul Wall heading for the stage.

Paul Wall and Unique on stage

And then it was over. Wow.