Friday, November 25, 2005



It's Goin' Down Tonight! Tell all your friends about it. There is absolutely NOTHING of this caliber going on in the city tonight other than this.

$2 Heinekens and other drink specials all night.


Real music. No tricks.

Havana Latin Bar & Grill, 818 Travis - DOWNTOWN HOUSTON! NO DRESS CODE!

You can either go to another club and wait for Kanye to maybe show or not (we know where the real appearance gonna be, but can't tell you, it's private, the other joints are LYING to you). Or you can come jam to his DJ A-Trak, my partner in NYC Roxy, my little bro bro Rapid Ric and my peoples Bavu Blakes, the Grit Boys and special appearance by Scavone.


Come let Roxy know you love her for bringing that Texas to New York. In our work together we've brought Devin the Dude, Screwed Up Click, Chingo Bling, Grit Boys and more to NYC for their first shows ever. She's a groundbreaking promoter/DJ in this world.
Peep her on myspace

Rapid Ric is running the Texas mixtape game right now hands down and will show you how to really rock a dancefloor if you give him a chance tonight.

Bavu Blakes is the best live performer in Texas

Grit Boys are the hardest new voices to come out of Houston in years.

And Scavone...

will bite your ear off like Mike Tyson and shit... Look at how many whores this pig has in his network...

All this is being brought to you by the SoRealFamilia - Matt Sonzala and Oxycottontail. SoSexcited to see you out tonight at out gangbang! Please do come....

$10 after 10 p.m. $7 with a Kanye West Ticket Stub

$2 Heinekens all night long.

Give a ways all night long.

Great vibes. Come work that turkey off.

Havana Latin Bar & Grill, 818 Travis - DOWNTOWN HOUSTON! NO DRESS CODE!

And oh yeah... there'll be a special appearance by this guy...

JOHNNY FROM THE O.C. I'm serious, he's gonna be there. Little bucket playing Ryan Donowho, the new love interest for Marissa on the O.C. For real, come holler at him...

IT's GOIN' DOWN!!!!!


Blogger Southern Komfort said...

it went dddddddddiiiiiiiine! props matt.

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Pre K said...

DJ City and TopDawg present Beginning of the Beginning

................The game is about to be changed..........................

Free Mixtape Download! Pass it out, burn it, do whatever you want to with it.

2:11 PM  
Anonymous bfadcl said...

12:58 PM  
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