Thursday, March 17, 2005

Bun B and MDDL FNGZ and Devin and Blur Guy?

Mayne it went down in Austin last night. Day 1 of the SXSW and we practically sold the Backroom out. We were looking thick at 8:30 even. Shit had me so happy. Wish all of yu could have been there. Austin's Barely Broke Family started off the night with a hype set, then HSE came out and straight wrecked. They were like 15 minutes and and handed me the cd and jumped on stage straight off the highway. Shit was wild. Then Abstraq and his crew from Beaumont came out and got a super enthusiastic response. Basswood Lane from Austin repped the hometown like a mug and Play-N-Skillz came out and delivered nothing but hits. CHOPS had this ill keyboard he was playing a long with his beats and other popular jams and then Paul Wall came out with the GRiT Boys and HSE at his back and straight slayed 'em. Then it was time.

After a short wait due to the cops hemming up, but only ticketing a guy they caught with weed, just outside the backstage entrance, Devin the Dude and his Coughee Brothaz stepped on to the stage and with a quick intro by Coughee Brothaz - 14K - and performed for about an hour straight. The entire place was rapping and singing along to every cut. Dude had some serious presence last night. Rob Quest and Jugg Mug tore through Devin and Odd Squad classics new and old.

Fader Dudes (catch dubs boyeee) swang thru with Damon Albarn from Blur. Dude's doing some Gorillaz promo I guess (caught part of a video screening at Red Fez, but it was too packed and I had to pee so I had to jet. Now I'm back here, finally able to sign on and post these pics, I think.

Bun B and MDDL FNGZ closed out the night with a set comprised mostly of new MDDL FNGZ cuts. Bun and co. killed 'em too, but Backroom made us cut sound right at 2 a.m. (though they still wrecked thru the monitor mix). Sooo whatever, I'm too jazzed up to really write much about all this so I'll let the photos do the talking and hope to see you tonight at either The Vibe or Zero Degrees in Austin, TX. Details below.

So while Devin and the Squad were performing, Catch Dubs introduces me to Damon from Blur and we start talking and he says I really like the guy in the blue jacket and glasses. Meaning Rob Quest, so I took him back and introduced him to Rob and Jugg Mugg.

Chill repped the whole night.

Sista Green and Erica Marlin, Coughee Sistaz

Whooooo is it?

It's the Dude.


Hump, Sucka Free Records


Paul Wall and crew


DJ Rapid Ric

The Vibe (508 E 6th St) (All Ages)
LRJ 8:00 p.m. Houston TX Hip Hop/Rap
Mojoe 9:00 p.m. San Antonio TX Hip Hop/Rap
Zin 10:00 p.m. Houston TX Hip Hop/Rap
Money Waters 11:00 p.m. Dallas TX Hip Hop/Rap
Bavu Blakes 12:00 a.m. Garland TX Hip Hop/Rap
ESG 1:00 a.m. Houston TX Hip Hop/Rap

Zero Degrees (405 E 7th St) (21+)
NickNack 8:00 p.m. Austin TX DJ
DJ Panko 8:45 p.m. Barcelona SPAIN DJ
fingathing 9:30 p.m. Manchester UK Electronic
DJ Chill 10:15 p.m. Houston TX Hip Hop/Rap
Rapid Ric featuring Magno and Chalie Boy 11:00 p.m. Austin TX DJ
DJ Lt. Dan 12:00 a.m. Philadelphia PA DJ
Diplo of Hollertronix 1:00 a.m. Philadelphia PA DJ


Blogger Sean said...

Jealousy is a weak emotion, but I'm dyin' not being there w/y'all.

9:22 PM  
Blogger w dunbar said...

MAYN, GOOD LOOKIN' ON YOUR BLOG. Miised the Backroom show, but saw DOOM on Thursday. Bout to go peep Doom again, with Diverse and Ase Rock...

4:41 PM  
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