Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Han Bennink and Peter Brotzmann in Houston This Weekend!

(I posted all this and more at AustinSurreal.com. Don't mean to neglect HoustonSoReal, but I haven't gone back in like 6 weeks now soooo, things happen. But I'll be in the big, big city this Sunday and Monday so come down to Diverseworks and check out one of the true greats - Han Bennink and another great - Peter Brotzmann - and lets kick it on down. Enjoy the videos.)

...See, I am a lil obsessed with this Dutch drummer named Han Bennink so I'm gonna check him out on Saturday in Austin at the Victory Grill and on Sunday in Houston at Diverseworks with Peter Brotzmann. Two improvisers who wreck fucking shop real talk noam talm bout?

Anyway, I wrote about Han on HoustonSoReal before and posted some pics I took of the Instant Composers Pool when they played Diverseworks a couple years back. I'll have a full report and photos next week. For now check out some of this YouTube footage and get familiar with what you just might see should you heed my advice and come out to one or both of the shows.

Like I said, I'm pretty obssessed. Han Bennink is my favorite musician. No lie.

Peter Brotzmann & Han Bennink (2006) - I bet they are even better now! Ha.

Solo at North Sea Jazz Festival

Solo live in Jimma, Ethiopia

Terrie Ex and Han Bennink Duo


The Ex in Ethipoia 2004

Misha Mengelberg & Han Bennink Duo - Improvisation

Here he plays blocks of cheese. Ah the Dutch!

Part Twee

Here he proves that he is an unparalleled master of rhythm. PEEP THE CLOGS! Ah the Dutch.

ICP Orchestra - 'Criss Cross' (Monk)

Anyway get on his level, I will see you there.

Peter Brötzmann / Han Bennink Duo

Legendary free music duo in a rare Texas appearance.

Saturday Apr 26, 2008
at 8:00 PM


Victory Grill
1104 E. 11th St.
Austin, Texas 78702

$15 Advance tickets available now @ End of An Ear and Waterloo Records.
$18 @ door

(512) 462-6008 for ticket info
When: Sunday, April 27, 2008
8 pm

Where: DiverseWorks (map)
1117 E. Freeway, Houston, Texas 77002

Tickets: $13 general admission / $10 for students; everyone under 18 gets in for free

Peter Brotzmann (Germany) - saxophones, clarinets
Han Bennink (Holland) - drums, percussion

Monday, April 14, 2008

Big Pimpin' In Houston!

Might bring a tear to your eyes, but do not sleep on this.

Oh what a feeling.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

DAM! Hip Hop From Palestine Coming to Houston and Austin!
May 8 & 9

Hey y'all,

Sorry for the mass email but I need to reach out to ALL of you with the quickness. I have a huge and very special event coming to Austin and Houston May 8th and 9th and I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP GETTING THE WORD OUT! I wouldn't stress if I were just doing a normal rap show, but this is some crazy shit.

I, in association with Hadeel Assali and the good folks at the Palestinian Film Festival, am bringing the PALESTINIAN HIP HOP GROUP - DAM - for their first shows ever in Texas. I know they were at Sundance for the premier of SLINGSHOT HIP HOP - an incredible film about hip-hop in Palestine (and much more!) - but I don't know if they performed. I know M1 of dead prez and Chamillionaire met up with them, and I also know that they are amazing, outspoken, radical and extremely important.

Anyway, if you can't think of an angle for a story about these dudes coming to your town for the first time, holler at me, lets brainstorm, but I need FEATURES! And you know I normally don't get pushy with my events, but everyone who is receiving this is a friend of mine in the media or in music and I need y'all to help get the word out (flights from Palestine to Texas AIN'T CHEAP!). We are taking a huge risk with this one.

Anyway here's the details:

Thursday May 8th - Austin, TX
Venue - The Scoot Inn (aka the new Liberty Lunch fuck what a hater say)
Doors at 7 p.m.
Show at 8 p.m. - 11 p.m. outside stage
DAM from PALESTINE, Southbound from Austin, TX, DJ Rhythm and MORE TBA!
11 p.m. - 2 a.m. - After Party Meet and Greet with DAM - DJ Rapid Ric and DJ Rhythm on the tables.

Friday May 9th - Houston, TX - In Association with the Palestinian Film Festival
Venue - Warehouse Live Studio
Doors at 10:30 p.m. Show at 11:00 p.m. (There's an event earlier in the night)
DAM from PALESTINE, DJ Rhythm and special surprise guests TBA

Then they head off to San Francisco, New York and Toronto - BUT TEXAS GETS THEM FIRST!

Seriously, this event means a lot to me. I wouldn't do it if it didn't. I REALLY need your help in the press, we need radio interviews if possible in advance on the phone. I need you to forward this email to people you may think be interested in this. I need to build a buzz cuz time is running out and well, I can't bring all these cats from Palestine to an empty house!

Any artists who could lend their time to maybe host, or possibly mention this show in some sort of interview would be very much appreciated as well. I personally feel as though it's very important that the kids in the streets over here start to learn about the kids in the streets in places like Palestine. I'm on a mission here to widen the scope of some of these young hip hoppers. And that is real.

Here's some info and links on the group, plus a photo you can use.


Facebook page:

Myspace page:

The song that put them on the map: