Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tis That Season

To be jolly, fa la la la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Welp, I've got a few seconds here at the house, no family, no friends, no obligations, no phone calls, no nothing just me and this computer so I'ma post a few gems from this past holiday season.

Starting with the SLICK RICK SCION EVENT that went down Dec. 18th. That seems so long ago. Anyway right after this show I had to hightail it back to Austin, so I haven't been at a computer with Photoshop since then and have been embarrassed that I really didn't take a lot of photos on this particular night, and real talk, it was one of the best shows I hath ever been a part of. Slick Rick with the Rhythm Root All Stars? Shiiiiiiiiiiit.....

Once again I ddin't make it to the stage to get any real shots, but you get the idea here. It was packed and off the chain.

Willie D, Rico and Bun B. Yes my friends, Bun B was in the house. What a man. So good to see him out and about. I'm still messed up about Pimp C's passing, I can't imagine how he feels.

Hey, I was just wondering, is anyone investigating this shit or is it just another rapper death? Theres so many things that I want to ask/say right now, but I just can't. I wish somebody would.

DEZ! Dez designed a new bottle for Mountain Dew! Look for the unveiling in February!

Crystal Lee, Dez and Witnes

Katina and KAM! Kam is the #1 promoter in Houston.

And of course, STACY!


Anyway like I said, directly after that event I headed back to work in Austin then had Christmas part 2 and 3 and then back to Houston for part 4 and tomorrow we go to Erie, PA for part 5. If any of my hometown (or Buffalo) peeps read this thing, hit me up at my moms. We will crack some Yuenglings and reminisce and such.

No this isn't a hipster party for dwarfs, it's Elena and Eva with their cousin Layla at Oma's Haus.

And this is here at home. Those stockings took two lifetimes and four hands to make.


Real partiers Crystal Lee, Heather B, Matt D and WifeSoReal

And what Christmas party would be complete without Grandpa Chill asleep in his cap for a long winters nap...

I hope to see you before 2008, then it's off to AustinSurreal, so get ready ready.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chill stole The Bishop Don Juans crown!!! Merry belated Christmas and hope you have a great new year in the Atx. PEACE.

3:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

How are you doing? I tried to reach you by phone the last few days, but I wasn’t able to get in touch with you. Maybe due to you moving? Anyway, the thing is that we have scheduled our trip to Houston. We plan on going to The States from 14 to 20 January. 15 & 16 January we will visit TV Johnny and the other days we plan on meeting Eddy Plein and hopefully you. Sander of State Magazine/Top Notch and Annebelle had contact with you about you participating in the documentary. Are you still interested and willing to cooperate? If yes, can you please give me you phone number so I can get in touch with you?

5:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oops... I forgot to mention my email adress. You can reach me at


5:59 AM  
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