Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Last night on Damage Control
Tribute to Big Hawk
Sabbath in the Park on Brooklyn Radio Wicked Mix 666 By Cosmo

First off if you haven't already go get Cosmo Bakers EXXXCLUSIVE Sabbath in the Park Wicked Mix 666 complete with the real story behind Sabbath in the Park Here.

Then last night on Damage Control:

We did a bit of a tribute to Big Hawk. The Grit Boys showed up and not a lot of others did, but that's o.k. We really didn't put the call out that hard. I thought Chill would bring some of the folks from the Street Flava taping at his store earlier, but its all good. I just really wanted to play the mans music.

What more is to be said? It's a travesty that he is gone, we miss him, and we'd love to see some justice. Of course no one is going to help in that quest for justice, not the police and not the streets, so we just have to sit and mourn our dude, all the while wondering what the fuck happened.

So I played a bunch of Hawk freestyles and classic collabos for the first hour or so, then we played a bit of a personal tape DJ Screw made for Hawk. Chills computer was having problems so once he fixed that he did like a 15 minute mix of Hawk singles and then Amy came on to finish the show and play everybody elses shit.

I left early and didn't get to upload the show yet. But I'll go by there and get the recording uploaded along with last weeks show from when I wasn't there.

But yeah man, I just still feel sick about this shit. Willie D called in from Azerbaijan and said something like "Hawk was a good dude, there's a whole lot of other rappers they could have shot instead of him."

I think he meant, why'd they take one of the great ones from us, once again.

I see people shitting on each other left and right, fucking over each others business, cock blocking the entire city, or at least attempting to, and they had to go and take Big Hawk. What the fuck did he do to deserve that? I have to assume nothing. It's a fucking travesty.


Yes Dizzee Rascal is in town shooting a video with UGK. More details as I get them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Say mayne, U gonna let the internet world hear the DC H.A.Dub.K. Tribute ? The tribute last year was off the chain mayne, I respect ya'll work.

R.I.P. HAWK !!

4:22 AM  
Anonymous BamaThug205 said...

R.I.P H.A.W.K. Can u up a download link so I can listen. Thanks!

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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