Thursday, May 31, 2007

All I See Is Hype



It um leaked, and I never dl leaked albums ever as a rule, but couldn't resist this one.

That being said I have listened to "Where's the G's featuring UGK" At least 20 times already.

One of the most jammin' songs ever.

Dizzee and Bun B are the greatest MC's in the game. Pimp C throws more game at you than a quotaback.

Buy it.

If commercial, urban radio doesn't play this one, we burn 'em down. All of them. Like for real.

Mo' Thowed Events Dot Com

Holy crap once again it went the funk down.

Seriously, last night's Scion Sponsored GZA show was off the freakin' meter. First of all DJ Klever is a manimal on them tables, mixing deftly with no headphones just fuckin' em up. Then Fyre Department jammed a bunch of instrumental jams like Mind Playin Tricks and Big Pimpin and had the crowd going insane. Then GZA came out and ripped it with the band. i saw GZA a few years back in San Francisco and left early cuz the sound sucked and the show was crazy boring, last night dude had all new energy. Fuckin' thowed. But I didn't get any photos of him, just my friends.


Kenika was in the house.

Chillin' on down. See her live June 14th at the Proletariat if yer real!

Xxzotic, Surreal and Kenika are all about to blow up.

And it's about time too cuz Houston needs soemthing different and I think that can come from these females. All have their own shit. Unlike a lot of these bustas.

I know I talk too much shit these days, disregard my saltiness at the current state of music.

I'm an old man, and this is Young Samm!

And Jill from Envy Magazine CRAZY!




Here's the one shot I attempted to get of the show and the crowd and such, didn't work out that well but those W hands were int he air all night.

Karina Nistal!!!

KB da Kidnappa. Be sure to get his new YELLOW VINYL 12" on Emporer Jones Records. More info to follow.

Kiara of was of course n the building as well and she contributed some photos below.

My boy Mark Mendez!

This dude all hopped up on goofballs.


Myke Diesel - producer of old Grind Family jams, Knockin' Doors Down, Mike Jones jams, etc... and DJ KUTZ!


Rad Rich did/does the robot all night.

The ARE and Lief of The Niyat!

Willie D back from Azerbaijan seen here with Kiara!

And these are all from Kiara!

KB and ME!

Xxzotic and Me!

And DJ Klever cold rockin' the spiddot.

Know'm sayin'?

July 29 is the next Scion jump off with LITTLE BROTHER! At Warehouse Live.

July 30 is Hip Hop for HIV. More on that later!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Radioclit Live in Houston June 14th - Proletariat

Another HoustonSoReal/Rockbox Thursdays Collabo that's about finna pop off.

With special guest Kenika performing "WHY YOU ALL ON MY MYSPACE?" and more.

Plus Witnes and Dayta!

It's Goin' Down.

Another Memorial Day Hath Come To Pass

And it was a good one. Save for the monsoons at the beach and in the streets, and the fact that after a weeks long hiatus from watching the news (except small bits and pieces of CNN and BBC in Europe during down moments) I caught a few seconds of a newscast that said - as they say so often - "IT WAS ONE OF THE BLOODIEST DAYS IN IRAQ SINCE THE START OF THE WAR." Happy Memorial Day. I had to turn my TV off and go outside in the rain, for I just can't take it anymore.

I'm so sick of your war, and all the talk about it. Do the Right Thing.

The above photo was shot in the parking lot of Bucee's, a convenience store just 4 miles from the coast at Surfside. Note the chemical plant in the background. My boy was fired from there one day for filling up a train with the wrong chemical and almost blowing us all into oblivion.

I wonder how often that actually happens.

Anyway it was a great weekend. You'll see below that on Saturday we went to the beach with our adopted family - The Deans - and then Sunday the wife and I went to see my favorite band of all time, Melt Banana, but I didn't bring my camera. Then Monday night, Memorial Day night, I went to a show that couldn't have fit the day more perfectly. The dark, dank, dirty, stormy, apocalyptic Memorial Day (it was, I'm not exaggerating, looked like the end was nigh here in this Houston town).


Seen here pre-show with the one them call, Bun B.

And here.

And here.

Ten years ago it would have seemed as though two such paths would never cross. But these are both visionary artists with genuine respect for each others craft. El-P showed Bun a few videos on his laptop, shit was pretty insane.

As was El-P's show. I always cut for dude on the strength of his originality and fervent drive. I wasn't a fan of Company Flow, they came out in the days when I was sitting there just sick of New York and their mouths. I got over that a little later and started recognizing that dude has some fire in him.

The show was off the chain. Mr. Dibbs on the turntables is always a welcome addition to any show and El-P is no slouch on the stage. He reminded me of an amped up David Bowie. I mean, it's not the best comparison, and maybe the simplest, but as I stood there stoned (Thanks Buddha!) watching El-P's silhouette in the blue light as he gripped the mic like Trent Reznor and rapped like a man possessed by staccatto revolution, I couldn't help but think that this dude is a product of all that was great about New York in the 80's. Hip-Hop and totally fucked up New/No Wave. He's got it in him.

Anyway heres Mr. Dibbs on said turntables, literally on them.

Halfway through the show things got a little crazy. It seems that El-P's videographer has let his hair grow throughout the entire 40 city tour, and promised to shave his head on this particular date. Bun B was recruited to do the shaving.

As evidenced here.

Bun's first haircut!

It went down.


Yeah well it's not the best haircut, but it was a good 4 minutes of entertainment I'll tell you that right now.

The Niyat in the building with Domo! (Lief and Snap!) made it out with them boys from All In Your Head

It went down.

And for the family, here's some photos from the beach. Just before and after said Monsoon. Seriously, it's been raining out here like as if God might be mad at somebody. Who could it be? It's wild. Eva and I went for a walk to see how bad the bayou was overflowing yesterday and got caught in a huge downpour. The streets looked like shallow rivers, rushing.

Mommy and Elena

Sabrina and Willie

Roy documenting.


Elena at the shore.

Next to the Hermit Crabs. They are everywhere down there around San Luis Pass.

Elena and DJ Eva





OK and Wednesday night don't forget the free GZA show at Warehouse Live and the DJ Klever After Party at the GRAB Bar. It is indeed going down tomorrow night. Hit up to RSVP NOW! Get in free. These Scion parties have been off the chain. Come early and get you a free DJ bag.

Now playing in my iTunes - Bob Dylan - Lay Lady Lay. Beautiful. Next up new music from Perseph One.