Friday, January 26, 2007

We Fought the Law and Won cuz like the Geto Boys, We Can't Be Stopped

It went down. In what was referenced by major news sources as quite possibly one of the most monumental, and important for the sake of humanity, cases to ever step thru the court doors around the corner from 346 Broadway (In New York they villify the illiterate by giving a false court address on all summonses, my lawyer is looking into this as well), somewhere between 7 and 15 of the Sabbath in the Park 20 emerged victorious and earned their freedom to be in a world that so often tries to halt movements as magnanimous and beautiful as such is the Sabbath in the Park.

That's legalese for those who don't know.

Naw for real though it's funny. This right here is the entrance to THE COURT located at 346 Broadway in Manhattan. But when you come to said door there's a few small signs saying you must enter aorund the corner. What if yer illiterate? What if you don't speak English? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO?

We gathered at 9 a.m. with official Sabbath in the Park documentarian Ian (who for some reason did not receive a summons but still showed up for moral support) to get the party started in defense of the most important movement ever in music and politics ever.

Our security was in fool effect.

I promised I'd talk a little bit more about the actual court experience and since there is no TV on in my house EVER, at least not as often as it's on in Scavone's crib, I should be able to recall the proceedings in a coherent manner sort of.

Anyway, we walked up in THE COURT and were immediately asked for our ID's. Now me, I'm extremely anal about such thigs. I have been known to check my pockets 36 times in a single hour to make sure my phone, keys and wallet are in place. Making sure my ID is positioned just right in the little window for easy access for all bartenders and cops. Anyway, you know, I'm really not used to carrying a huge coat around along with a bag and a sweatshirt, etc, in preparation for an onslaught of real winter (while it's been cold here in Houston we still haven't had REAL WINTER). So as I went through the screening process at Hobby airport, I had my shoes off, huge coat and sweatshirt, carry on bag, etc and I put my ID in a paper clip with my ticket and then just threw it in my bag as I scooped up my shoes and ran like hell to the gate. This happens to me a lot. Actually I ran to the bathroom in order to stuff my travelling companion, Nuff Weed, in a more comfortable place than beneath my nuts.

So whatever, I left my ID at home but for some reason they still let me in and never asked for it again.

In New York you can enter a federal building ready to fight with no identification, but you can't have a simple beer, in a park, at 7:30 p.m. Go figure.

So you go through the metal detectors and go up the stairs and enter a line to turn in your summons and be told where to go. We were all sent to Court 3, except for Papi Babylon whos case was dismissed. In fact, when he got home after the court, he had a letter in his mailbox informing him that his case was dismissed. Good job city of NY.

So we go in the court room and sit through what seemed like an endless barrage of bullshit cases. 80% of which were dismissed. The judge was on some Judge Judy shit and while he dismissed many of the cases, he took a moment out here and there to chastise his subjects.

Most notably when two doctors, dressed in scrubs, came in for Smoking too close to a Hospital Door. He says to the first guy:

"Are you a doctor?"

Dude says "Yes sir."

Judge says "You are a doctor and you smoke? That's like the worst person in the world who could be smoking. You should know beter. Tell me you are trying to quit!"

Dude says "Oh yes sir I am really tryng to quit, I have been trying ever since receiving this summons."

Judge says "How are you doing with it?"

Dude says "Good."

Judge says "O.K. then case dismissed but I don't wanna see you in here again for this, I want to know that YOU quit smoking!"

Then the next guy comes up and judge guy says "Are you a doctor too? Are you gonna quit smoking?"

Dude 2 says "Um, huh?"


So they go get the first doctor guy and bring him back in and the judge asks him "DIDN'T WE TALK ABOUT QUITTING SMOKING? WHATS WRONG WITH YOUR FRIEND HERE?"

Dude was dumbfounded, Dude 2 said "Yes well I have smoked way too much for a long time, and yes, I think it is about time to quit."

The judge then said, "CASE DISMISSED."

All that being said, the people who came in for smoking weed in public all got dismissed immediately for "lack of evidence."

Dude had his priorities straight.

So then they come to us. My girl Bidness Casual gets called up first, but they wrote her name wrong on the summonse and sent her back to her seat. I was like "Oh no man wtf happened here? Everything else gets dismissed but we're going down for being in a park after dark."

But no they just had to figure something out. They called my name and I didn't even make it to the bench before the judge said "Dissmissed."

So I walked out real fast. Then two more of the crew were called to the stand and the judge says "Wait a minute. Were all of you together? What is this? What happened? What the heck were you guys doing?" The bailiffs all laughed, cuz we all laughed and were out the door before he could round us up for a lecture.

Then I busted out my camera in the hall for this photo (thanks to Matt Shadetek for the photo):

And a bailiff came out and said "You put that camera away before I have to take you back in for that. That's not allowed."

And I said "But we are just celebrating our monumental victory." And she cracked a smile but sternly said "Put it away I'm serious I don't want to have to take you in."

So I put it away and lived to see another day, on the streets.

And as always I thank God for our security. He really held it down the whole time.

So after the court, of course is the after party and this is how it went down.

This was quite possibly the most ragingly incredible party in all of Brooklyn history. Those goof balls who throw those "Williamsburgh Wigger" parties have nothing on us. We get it crunk and ONLY PLAY REAL MUSIC! Like Sabbath. For real.

Anyway this is part of the crew that is...

Bidness Casual was promoted to a very high position on the board of Sabbath in the Park when she showed up with custom pins for the occassion.

Which inspired a round of chunking up the devil horns all around.

Ian I think may have shed a light tear when he was given his. I did as well.

Scavone did as well.

Scavone and the newly inducted Josh.

Ayres, DJ Eleven and Dirty South Joe = Co-CEO's of the movement

Danomyte is like the Director of Visuals and Apparel

As evidenced by his shirt here.

And here and yes he wore this shirt IN THE COURT!

He the kingpin of the click.

Most of these photos are from the VIP section of the event but I did manage to go past the curtain and into the fray of fans and onlookers who came out to show support.

Unfortunately the Sabbath roadies said NO CAMERAS so I had to be a lil sneaky and thats why these ones in particular are so blurry but man they put on an excellent show.

The rest of the photos are blurry because I can't walk a straight line in my glasses, they make everything look like a wacky shack except books and this computer screen, but in reality, I need them while taking photos. I think regular readers of this blog should be used to the blur by now though. I know I am.

Papi Babylon, Cosmo and Me, also Co-CEO's of ther movement that is.

Lance Walker and Isla of Purple Crush made the event and hath been duly inducted.

Maggie is the First Lady of Sabbath in the Park in charge of audio enhancements and pure rock baccanalia. I think she finna get a promotion too!

We finally got Queen Majesty inducted into the click. For some reason she saw WORK as being more important than Sabbath in the Park last time. Shit, if you can't risk getting fired for the movement I don't know. But shit, she's in man. This movement is not about being exclusionary. We have our rules and our limits, but it's all good.

Ian takes way better photos than me even when he sets his timer and walks away. I'ma jack a few from him and post soon.

The perfect marriage.

Here go a good portion of the powers that be in this world of Sabbath in the Parkitude: Cosmo Baker, Dirty SOuth Joe, myself, DJ Eleven and Maggievil.

Homey Aubin showed up with her friend and did not leave the couch all night. I think she was smoking the shi-shi.

Pure rock animal.

Papi and Dirty South Joe discussing the goals of the movement that is.

Purple Crush in the basement

Partiers, real partiers.

Papi and Me thinking up a master plan.

Lance and his friend he kept secret from all of us till the end of the night.

Holiday Dmitri was my editor at Velocity Magazine back in them Chicago days and she recently sent an email to say she moved to Brooklyn so I sent one back saying "What a coincidence, you have to come to the hottest party Brooklyn has ever seen." And she did for ten minutes then left without saying good bye. Scavone went for a walk and saw her inside a cafe down the street with two dudes in button down shirts sipping belinis and I had to just shake my head and wonder if she just didn't UNDERSTAND!

See they never left their seat. There appears to be a lot of motion in this shot, but there's not, it's just an effect I have mastered with my highly expensive camera.

Know'm sayin'.

Anyway that's the party that was. We made it happen again and I am happy to say that the movement is growing. By 2012 we should have a candidate for president on the ballot officially and by 2016 we will have taken over the world where Bush left off. Only we promise much peace, mad beer, nuff weed and only real rock and roll. Fake rockers (and horrible rappers) just might be sent to the gallows. I can only imagine how much shit is gonna suck by 2012. We have our work cut out for us.


The night before, we jit up the official Sabbath in the Court Pre-Party where Maggie was DJing along with Sunjiho (who incidentally is DJing the next Museum party here in Houston in Feb.). Shit was quite mellow and helped prepare us for the onslaught of the most important day in New York city court history.

Scavone with Bidness Casual Julian. She didn't tell us nothing about the pins!

Queen Majesty and Steve Kream two of my favorite Buffaloians.

I actually had this shirt in 9th grade. Ozzy came to Erie on the Ultimate Sin tour, and so me and some of my boys went. I always loved Ozzy, but shit man, back in them days in Erie there was literally nothing to do so anytime a concert would come no matter who it was, we were there. Drinking liquor out of Pepsi cans. Anyway...

That show was awesome because Metallica opened up on their Master of Puppets tour and 98% of the crowd hated them! I remember it so clearly (with a bit of Southern Comfort induced blur, sure). We, like seven of us, were in the 27th row and when Metallica came on we jumped up like we were about to see the second coming or some shit. Well the rest of the crowd didn't event stand up, they hated so hard that most of the show consisted of Metallica spitting on the audience and telling everyone in attendance to fuck off. This is when I really started loving Metaliica. Soon after they went soft though and I had to leave them alone when the rest of the Erie Civic Center crowd probably started LOVING them.

Anyway same thing happened to Public Enemy when they opened for the Beastie Boys. But they didn't spit on anyone or tell them to fuck off. They didn't even shoot anyone with their Uzis. But it was the same deal. Me and a total heavy metal fanatic Mark were the only people on the floor standing for Public Enemy's set. Everyone else was dumbfounded and angry.

Good ol' Erie rock.

Anyway back to the party. This photo was not staged.

Neither was this one.

This one was.


ANyway since we are going backwards here. Before we hit up the Maggie Pre-Party I went with Scavone to see his extended fam at a bar on first avenue. Shit is mad real up in there, and I was happy to be able to say hello and you know, just be.

The lovely Miss Astra

Eternia, a dope MC from Toronto Canada showed up and brought me some new music you will be hearing soon on Damage Control possibly maybe.

The triumverate of Joey, Joe Senior and Scavone

Jon O. holding it down.

But what I liked best about this trip to New York is that it was still Christmas at Scavone's crib. I love people who keep their tree up until like March. No reason to kill the Christmas spirit, ever.

The last two should be self-explanatory.

Anyway, it went down. I gotta do some real work now. I'm playing collection agent today so don't answer your phone if you owe me money, I might get salty witcha.
Quote of the day from Serg of
"SergDun: fucking myspace has ruined peoples abbility to not believe in their shitty talents."


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