Wednesday, January 24, 2007

They Can't Stop The Movement That Is

Sabbbathh in the Park.

What was quite possibly the most monumental waste of time and buracracy (sp?) in the history of New York State, 50% of the Sabbath in the Park contingency (the other half were scheduled at 2:15 p.m.) showed up in the court, one (me) without I.D., and went throgh the process only to be duly acquitted of all charges.

Seriously, we had a 9:30 a.m. appointment so we (photos coming soon with full run down) arrived at 346 Broadway and went through the metal detectors and got in a line to check in. The first of our clan approached the window and was told his case was dismissed. The rest of us received pink pieces of paper and entered a court room. People were in for a variety of offenses including smoking weed, open containers of alcohol, pissining in public (which I thought was mandatory in New York), smoking too close to a hospital and cussing in a junior high school.

This assembly line style of justice was really weird. Most everyone was acquitted for their offense which means we all saved $25, but also means the courts/State of New York got nothing but a waste of time. now look, I'm glad that we didn;'t have to give these fuckers any money, but who the hell benefits from all this shit? I had to fly to New york and waste a couple hours standing around a court with minor offenders. Like 15 people were employed in the court room itself, God knows how many are employed in that building. Your tax daollars are going to pay their salaries New York. Your tax dollars ensure that a thousand people a day will have their time wasted thoroughly by the state of New York.

Sorry this is not very thorough. This retard Scavone has Maury on volume 11 and I can't even think. They are talking to mothers whose daughters are having sex at 14 years old and wanting babies and beating up their siblings and some dude is screaming in their faces and is taking them for a tour of a jail. Once again, I say to you, God Bless America.

There's more to say and I'll hit you with that later. Seriously. These women in prison are screaming YOU NEED TO GET AN HIV TEST THE STREETS DONT PLAY YOU LITTLE BITCHES YOU END UP IN HERE AND WE'LL EAT YOU ALIVE!

I know how it feels to be scared straight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The master's of reality are all paranoid of the people who sold thier soul for rock and roll. They think there is a nativity of people who live betewwn heaven and hell who are trying to sabatoge the black box and cause a bloody sabbath. They are trying to dehumanize you because they fear you may lead the people to be born again and wake to worship an eternal idol represented by a headless cross. They forbid you to have a reunion because they are tired of you inspiring the masses to never say die! Matt you are truly an Iron Man...... Keep your head up and keep doing what you are doing! Glad you didnt have to fork over any money to help keep the maching in motion!!! peace out from Dirty DAve

3:59 PM  
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