Monday, November 27, 2006

Help Picnic Tyme!
Twisted Black Get's Life in Prison
Bun B Impersonator?

Before I get into all the madness, I need to let everyone know something of dire importance. Many of you in the Texas hip hop community know my man Picnic Tyme from the group PPT. He's produced music for Devin and the Coughee Brothaz as well as many good folks from Dallas.

Seen here in the middle between Pikahsso and Tahiti.

Anyway, last week Picnic lost everything he owns in a fire. If you can help (YES CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT REPS I AM TALKING TO YOU!) Holler at me cuz he needs help and is a great dude. He lost all his clothes. Step up to the plate and gimme a call. I'll give you his sizes. HELP!


It’s been a weird day for Texas hip-hop. First I get a call this morning from Bun B and his manager on 3-way asking me if I know who does the site “HHNLive.” I honestly wasn’t sure but then when I looked at it I remembered it was my dude Adam from Toronto’s site. Today they published an interview, supposedly with Bun B in which Bun says things like “Fuck BET.” From what sources have told me, there was a campaign linked to Bun’s MySpace page that said the same thing, complete with graphics and the title to UGK’s latest leaked song “Quit Hatin’ The South.”

The writer claims to have interviewed Bun B at the popular north side strip club Harlem Nights this past Saturday. Said interviewer also says he has audio of the interview.

Now I have been a writer for many years and have many tapes of many rappers speaking into my tape recorder. When there’s background noise, it gets really hard to transcribe. At Harlem Nights, there’s more than background noise. It’s total fucking chaos. The music is obscenely loud and distorted, people jump on the mic, asses clap, bracelets clang, anklets shudder, pussies pop, that sort of thing. So I honestly don’t think dude got much from an interview at a club like that, on a Saturday night.

Bun says he was not at Harlem Night’s on Saturday.


Also, after reading the interview I have to stand by my dude and say that the shit being said throughout does not sound like Bun B’s words. Take that from a man who talks to Bun every other day on the phone about a variety of topics from politics to music to marijuana strains. I’ve interviewed Bun B at least 20 times. I know that dude would not say “Fuck BET” ever, let alone a month before his CD comes out. In fact, he’s even stopped me from saying things like “Fuck BET, MTV, Viacom, etc.” And has explained why doing such a thing would be straight hating and get me nowhere. Still at times, I say it, and look at me now. I’m a blogger. Not an international super star. Dude has a point.

That being said, Pimp C said the same words, unequivocally on the classic track “Top Notch Hoes” from Dirty Money. Which of course originally was on Trill Azz Mixes as well. The verse also appeared on a song Pimp did with Patchwerk artist Mean Green entitled “Deep in the Game.” Thanks to my cousin PUSHINBIGBODY in Dallas for helping refresh my memory.

You can check the various links and see for yourself, but I have to wonder if there is a Bun B impersonator out there in these streets. Might sound funny, but shit man, Bun says he wasn’t at Harlem Nights, did not do the interview and the writer says he has audio. Will this audio surface? If so, what will it tell us? It needs to surface, like now. I keep every tape for just this reason.

NO RAPPER CAN EVER COME TO ME AND SAY I MISQUOTED HIM/HER. Ever. Cuz I have the tapes and that’s final. So dude, come with the tape if you got it. I’ma stand by Bun on this one.


Note this part: * stands by its writers and believes there was an interview conducted by Freezefiya with Bun B. The interview portion of Freezefiya's article has since been removed as a courtesy to Bun B and UGK *


I've also been told that there have been multiple messages sent from Bun B's MySpace account saying "Fuck BET." I am also a "friend" of Bun B on MySpace and the person who maintains my MySpace and checks the messages for me said he/she never saw this. I don't know. I try not to look at MySpace. I'm 34 freakin' years old and only use that shit for promotions.

(A rapper recently told me that he "Be 'workin'' on that MySpace every day! It's work." Yeah. MySpace is work now. If so, send me a check. I can't stand that shit. I understand it's purpose but really it's just another way to make people think they are blwoing up when in reality only 5 people on the internet really know who they are. Like blogs. Anyway.

On a related note, the non-profit division of Sonzala Information Systems, Inc. is now closed for good. You want a phone number, a confirmation, or anything from me you’re gonna have to hit me on the PayPal first. There’s about five people in this industry who I’m down for anymore and honestly, you probably aren’t one of them.

Another funny thing is this weekend I have been working on a post entitled “An Open Letter to Jive Records.” In which I was gonna blast these fools at Jive for once again not doing shit for UGK at all. No video, no single working, no nothing but a couple ads and a few leaks. The shit is supposed to come out in three weeks, get on the stick you haters.

I may still finish the post. I don’t know.


In much worse and more serious news, my man Twisted Black from Fort Worth has been sentenced to life in prison for “Conspiracy” to sell crack I guess.


Listen I don’t know all the details, but I’ma say it just like this…

People do not deserve to get life in prison for anything less than Rape or Murder. I don’t give a fuck how much crack a man might have sold, he don’t need to go away for life, maybe he needs help.

That being said I heard it’s his 4th felony conviction – however it was his first Drug Charge. The others were for things like changing VIN numbers on cars, (thanks again Push) sooooo…. It’s hard to really judge here. I know that when I got a speeding ticket last year, I stopped speeding. Cuz I don’t need that shit. I wish some of these fools in the game could figure out how to stay out of prison. Especially a guy like Twisted Black, he’s seriously one of the most talented dudes in Texas rap ever. Real lyrics, dope flow, heartfelt songs, etc. I would never yell to Free a Murderer, but I’ma have to say FREE TWISTED BLACK cuz putting someone in a cage for a drug offense is just Naziesque in my book. Mother Fuckers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Bun B MySpace is not Bun B its a rap alot owned account used by someone working there or something to that effect. It's not him using it, posting with it or updating it. It's a company account obviously used by someone not real smart who often posts stuff like that or spams myspace addons that are for sale with reference codes.

I know the Pimp C account is the same, and Pimp has his own personal account thats rarely used since he's busy on the road or studio half the time.

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

twisted black is a fool wit it..
too bad the industry didnt work out enough for him to quit the other industry

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, give your self a lil more credit than that. Youre more than a blogger. You make shit happen, and let alot of people know about alot of good shit that they wouldnt know about normally. Not only through this blog, but by articles youve written, the radio show, and pics youve taken. Props, fool.

I dont say this too often, either, and I dont know shit about Twisted Black, but mannnn, thats fucked up, so free Twisted Black.

10:34 PM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

Thanks yall. The comments are greatly appreciated!

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey man - can't find your email. I got a guy who will hook Picnic Tyme up with some very cool shoes, no sweat. Please email me: and I'll put you in touch.

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bun B impersonator? Don't people have better shit to do? And write that blog about JIVE, becuase to date, all I have heard are the 2 songs that leaked, no commercial, no promo. I saw the FUCK BET shit on myspace but it came down quick. It was on Hezeleo page too. BET on some hoe shit for not airing it when I was watching though.

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pic from bun's myspace


there were about 4-5 posts directly after the "106 and Jay" special aired on BET last week saying "fuck BET" with the above photo as bun's default pic.

apparently the ugk performance was cut from the original broadcast.

the posts asked cats in the south to boycott watching BET for a week, since they weren't supporting "the south".

the shit seemed pretty thoed off at the time, and not really the bunsen persona we've all come to know.

first off, matt probably knows better than all of us, but "bun be da" is probably one of the most intelligent cats in the game right now. n' speaks on real shit, in an on-point fashion.

so these "fuck bet" posts took me by surprise.

anyway, over the next few days the posts kept on getting made. until eventually there was a post saying "BET aired the full special today, thanks for the support" and all the old posts had been deleted.

in other news, what the fuck is going on with this UGK album? i dont doubt the shit can go platinum with no promotion... but that doesn't mean it has to.

game belongs to me and stop-n-go are two of the best tracks to come out this winter, PERIOD.

and we can't get a fuckin video?

dudes are legends, and the only way they get on tv is to pump up jay-z's new album? fuck that...

everyone is slippin in this regard, and as the fans we need to make sure we make our voices heard.

i encourage you to finish that letter mayne. if not for the benifit of ugk, at least to speak for the hundreds and hundreds of us who don't have this avenue to reach the masses.

i tend to ramble, so ima dead this.

but to the real UGK fans, here's a lil bit of an early xmas. (delete if necessary)

UGK - Next Up (ft. Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap)

UGK - Stop-N-Go (ft. Jazze Pha)


3:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, while this Bun impersonator is certainly deserving of an ass-beating, I don’t think it’s going to impact anything at all. When Pimp C said “fuck BET” in 1998, BET was still ignoring UGK. There is no chance of that happening after this new album comes out. Not giving UGK proper respect at this juncture would be an affront to the entire Texas rap scene, which could alienate a lot of BET’s viewers. I don’t think the suits at BET are THAT stupid.

Besides, BET can’t do anything to make or break UGK. As the Pimp declared on Pimpilation “Them boys might run BET but trick we run the streets.” New UGK album will clear up any confusion as to who’s running what.

6:51 AM  
Blogger Dan Meehan said...

I just gotta say thanks man, I live in Utah, and there's no way I'd no about any of this stuff if it weren't for this blog.

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Still at times, I say it, and look at me now. I’m a blogger. Not an international super star. Dude has a point. "

Nice one Matt


1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matt I wanna thank you for all the support you've shown Picnic and PPT you're a good dude who does alot for the southern hiphop movement.......verb

Pikahsso of PPT

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes! I'd be lost without this blog. Seriously. Really opened my eyes to the whole scene, especially compared to the crap that's "mainstream". Keep em coming :)

11:03 PM  
Blogger Tony Chapman said...

Man Picnic is my man. I just spoke with him yesterday and man I am sick that he has to go through this. Me, Rapid Ric and Axsel will be sending a box of supplies to him. This dude is one of the coldest producers I know and I just want to thank you Matt for show love.

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mane, Twisted Black is dum, he deserv life fo bein so stoopid!!! if get cot sellin drugs n u say dat dont deserv life he mite as well hav killd dem peepz it same ting. he dum fo gettin cot

3:57 AM  
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