Thursday, October 12, 2006

Life Can't Get Much More Confusing Than This

Why I am posting MSNBC Content I don't know.

All I know is I am getting actively involved in Chris Bell's campaign for Governor of Texas right now. We all have to get involved. If you are not working for change, you are working for Satan. Fuck you.

Watch this and wonder.

While I sit here and wonder why I don't live on a mountain in Norway teaching my kids how to live off seal meat and icycles, I realize that I have to work for change. If the idiots we currently have representing US in our government didn't let shit like this happen, it wouldn't happen. Pledge allegiance to the pharmaceutical industry and the oil industry idiot cuz that's who you are really supporting by being as complacent and lazy as you are being. Wasting away reading magazines like The Source and stuff. Fucking up.

(P.S. In many ways I also support Kinky Friedman, in fact I would love to see him win the governors race. But fact is we live in Texas, and no writer/Jew/comedian/rabbelrouser is going to win this state. Sad but true. I would vote for him, but the majority of Texas has never even heard of his ass and it's a reality we have to accept. And the "Jew" comment, well that's not a reflection of me or him, I just know Texas and I know the ones in the small towns ain't quite to the 20th Century yet let alone the 21st and that's just how it is. Totally fucked. Can we work please, to make it not so totally fucked? I'm all for Kinky, but I am more for destroying the guy who closed over 200 public schools in our state (Rick Perry) and I am definitely not down for the bitch who mothered one of Bush's mouthpieces (That bitch Strayhorn).)

Shit's going down the toilet so fast. Please vote. And Please vote for a law that would make hanging mandatory for any politician who looks out for the pharmaceutical industry. Aside from some recreational fun time, we don't need most of these pieces of shit either. The pharmaceutical indystry needs to be flushed. In fact, can we just start over please, from scratch?

I'm just mad.


Blogger JIMBO said...

I feel you, dogg. The senate and the house are all spineless, greedy schills that need to be run out by a torch-mob.

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and this is exactly why i beg my boys to fucking register and vote for people who are going to make a change... all politicians arent greedy WASPs who dont give a rats ass about the american people, there are some good decent men and women who work hard for change.

should pull an kidnapping and show these corporate assholes what life really is like(see The Edukators for reference)

9:47 PM  
Blogger WastedInTexas said...

what goin on. i made me a blog spot just so that i could post to yours. i came across in somehow online. anyhow... im all with you on the Kinky topic. MINUS the fact that he is popular in texas. i do plan on voting for him because i too am an independant. Fortunantly we don't have to worry about the small towns being bias against him being jew. kinky came straight out of kerrville tx. one of the best kept secrets in this state. I think he'll do just fine campaining and honestly, i would not be one bit suprised if her won. especially after he refused to drop and to keep going. anyhow. i love your blog. i'll probably be posting to here more often. THANKS! stephanie

8:17 AM  
Blogger WastedInTexas said...

lots of spelling errors. ignore it. hah

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, but Chris Bell's not going to win either. And he doesn't even sound like a Texan. I hate the way he pronounces the word "governor." But thanks for trying anyway.

3:42 PM  
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