Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tony C is the Man, I need his photos asap

Stupid me didn't bring my camera last night. I been having problems with it so I just left it on the desk and didn't think about it as I left for Damage Control last night. Then... a gang of original Swisha House members - Big Tike, Big Pic, Lester Roy, Magno, along with Black Mike and Gerald G, came thru and wrecked a HUGE Freestyle. You can hear it towards the end of last nights Damage Control.

A3 killed it, Slugga, Gerald Geezy and Black Mike, wow. Lots of new music from these boys. Including the new single from Da Ryno, who also wrecks the freestyle and references HoustonSoReal. I love rappers who recognize. There's a gang of new Z-Ro music on here as well. Dude you have no idea.

And we open and close the show with MOJOE who are headlining our event on Sunday at Hermann Park.

I say this all the time, please download the file and listen to it from your computer or mp3 player. Please do not stream it. Y'all eating up bandwidth that we don't have to give here.

Anyway, check it.


Blogger TexasHeater said...

The pics are on their way. I had a lot of fun. I know it was mostly work and no play for you Matt and we all really appricate your hard work.

9:31 PM  
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