Friday, April 14, 2006

Iiiiiiiiiiitttttt's Tha Good Life (And Other Holiday Hits)

Motherfucking travel around the holidays can really suck.

Since we’re on the topic of Easter, lets start with something really happy and Eastery. DJ Eva and MC Elena in their Easter dresses, in the sunshine…

(PS. Peace to the dude on Ebay who sent me 271 complete John Peel Radio Shows on 8 dvdrs. I am in how they say out here in Texas, in hog heaven and no I don’t know how to dub dvds.)

No matter where you are MC Elena is always watching. Remember that.

Happy Easter

Try to enjoy yourself like them.

And Jack will do the same.

O.K. So last Saturday I was on a panel of sorts in Austin at the First Annual Texas Southern Music Conference. Curated by Will Hustle it was a great first effort. No it wasn't huge, but Rome wasn't built in a day and I recognize what dude was doing. It's important.

Before the conference of sorts, I shot photos of NGOK - New Generation of Kings from Austin Texas. These are some straight up street ass high school kids in Austin who actually have things to say in their raps other than how thowed they are and can see the world past their teeth. Listen to Damage Control and you will hear them, a lot. And peep the feature by Robert Gabriel aka my internets mentor Archaic in the next Ozone.

They really are something else. Thanks Robert and Jules

And if you look close you can see that girl Jules Narcisse in the front.

George Lopez and Big Tuck were in the house for my panel of sorts. I had to laugh a little bit when George got up, grabbed the mic and straight talked right in fools faces about not hating on Rapid Ric. See some fools in Austin don't think Rapid Ric is very "street." Or not street enough. Maybe it's because of his affiliation with me, the rich, yuppy, cracka of the click, or maybe it's because he is more talented and driven and motivated than just about anyone else I know. I don't know. Love breeds hate sometimes but we press on. Thanks G-Lo.

Dok Holiday

Dirty Dave and Bernard of Street Pharmacy

Backroom mirror leaves no room for vanity.

Them boys Chad and Josh Chamillitary in la casita.


K-Paul of VIP

Lexi on the left is this singer girl who for the first time ever played me a song on which she sings. Somehow Lexi seems to be at every big time Austin event touting herself as a singer. I never believed her till now. She's getting it going and her friend dances with her when she sings. Or at least she should.

Don't Mess With Texas.

Omar and Xavier from Rap A Lot


?, SHowtyme, Will Hustle, Dougie D (who was on stage with Trae that night????)

V-Roc Beats, a female producer from Austin wrecking on stage.

Then after the panel of sorts I did what any true playa would do...

I went to Central Market and caught Grupo Fantasma in a rare daytime appearance. Fuckin' most jammin' band in Texas.

Then Monday I flew up to that New York for a few days. Monday was a celebration of super publicist Fiona Blooms birthday curated by Roxy and jammed on down by DJ Elle and Rapid Ric.

Roxy, Fiona

Scavone held it down as my one man security team for the whole week. Shaking haters off is a must. Checks in the mail bro.

Peoples in the place. Caps, Jones, Me, Roxy

DJ Elle

DJ Lex

DJ Nitty Brown

Caps n CatchDubs

Dainjah and Jones

DJ Dirty and Minski of Ballers Eve on East Village Radio


I got friends in high hair places.

Finally got to meet DJ Queen Majesty. After loving a few of her jamtapes, and hearing Scavone talk about her like no married man should ever talk, there she was at the jam show. Anyway, she's from just outside Lackawanna, as is the one dem call CAPS.


Tuesday night I had "off" sort of and was treated to a lovely Sushi dinner with my man Ritchie Abbot from Capitol Records and Leah Rose and Sally Berman of XXL.

Ritchie and Leah

RA the Rugged Man showed up halfway through like WHAT!

XXL Photo Editor Sally Berman once paid me for my shitty blurry photos and for that I am forever enamored. Most people WON'T pay for this horseshit.

Then Wednesday night was the big event. The Source Magazine party celebrating the release of their Houston issue. I did the cover story and Rapid Ric is J. Mill's favorite DJ sooooo we went up there and did that along with Michael Watts, Chalie Boy, Mr. Blakes, just look at the photos.

Rapid Ricardo Montelban

Chalie Boy stole the whol enight with his freestyle action

Jeremy Miller on the right now runs the whole Source and will ensure that its employees with be absolved of all sins by association and will someday ascend to Heaven. Big thanks to the big homey J. Mill. Hopefully he'll be on Damage Control this week.

Sae One of the Resource and Deaf in the Family

Letoya Luckett passed thru.

Alicia runs the game at Strata, the club where this all went down (and does not want her photo taken. DOH!)


Mista Blizzakes got drunk with me

Mosehi, Zin, Mista Blakes


Zin showed up! Original Damage Controller, seen here with Mistille Blakes and CHOPS! WHADDUP CHOPS! SO glad to see him man.

CHOPS, Michael Watts (Watts KILLED it)

Chuck finna run the Texas photo game and I am gonna take lessons from him

Gina Gold of Addvice and Lin Yee of Fader may one day be a part of SoReal Industries I hope. Girls Running the Motherfuckin' Game. Thanks for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs new CD Gina. That bitch jammin'.

I finally got to meet my homey DOVE! She's another super publicist who I have emailed with for like 10 years and just now met. She from that Sea-Tac urrea. Originally.

Watts wreckin'

Me and my brothers Ryan Donowho and Rob Scavone. Ryan is a big time actor boy you may have seen in Coffee and Cigarettes and this Fox show he is embarrassed of and will never live down in the presence of me. HEEEEEEEEEEERRRRREZ JOHNNNNNNNNYYYYYY!

Then the GOAT stepped in the building. That's right, Ralphie from the Andy Milonakis show was in the building. Rappers, bow down.

Awesome 2 Teddy Ted and Special K

Michael Watts and Special K

Bavu got it going

J. Mill and CHalie Boy

J. Mill, Ric, Chavez, Nancy Byron

Trae, Chalie Boy

Trae and Gloria Velez!

Trae and Watts Choppin' Game

Rapid Ric and Stets from the Source. Thanks so much to Stets as well for putting it donw and making all this happen!

Mosehi, DJ Ready Cee. Ready is a legend in H-Town, a DJ from way back in the day. He moved to NYC some years ago and immediately got on the radio and started wrecking shop. That's my dude, though he never came to any of my OTHER parties. Damn.

Ric and Jay, who is part of the Whut it Dew Security Force.


Michael Watts and Letoya Luckett

O.K. So the party was cool. Now lets get back to the Easter time happy parade. I gotta get on the road to SA. Enjoy your weekend.

PS this is how it looks in TEXAS now. Bow Down.


Blogger BAVU said...

How Mr. Blakes the schoolteacher fool preacher get drunk?! Wonderful trip, great place to visit ...

12:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice place to live...DITFam reppin bathroom mirrors worldwide bitches!!!

6:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you have an e-mail address I could reach you at? I'd like to ask you a few questions. If you don't wanna give yours out you can hit me at, thanks.

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man it looks like y'all had fun. Thats right show them peeps up there in NYC how Screwston get down.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you have an e-mail adress? I find your posts interesting and would like to ask you some questions...I will give you mine adress and I hope to hear from you soon!

1:11 PM  
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