Saturday, July 30, 2005

As My World Spins Round and Round I Take Pictures of It

Sorry I've been out of the loop as of late. Yeah I posted a few links here and there, important links yes, but when I don't blog I feel guilty. People keep telling me that they actually read this shit, then I get all excited and egomaniacal and go on these high horse rides through the streets of Houston waving my SoReal flag high above my head screaming to the sky, when I should be writing. My friend in Austin, Charlie Sotelo told me that I am a good photographer and that sent me reeling. He's like the first person ever to say that rather than just ask "Why your photos so blurry dog? Do you actually like that shit?" Then Monique from Hater Magazine told me she was recognized for the second time from being on HoustonSoReal, this time by local superstar make-up artist Lisa Capuchino, and I went buckwild in the streets. Hi Lisa, thanks for reading.

That and the fact that I have a two week old baby girl and a three year old Tazmanian Devil/Angel in the house, has kept me away from this here blog. But I do have a lot of photos for you. Some with little stories attached. So scroll on.

Mike Mack, Rap-A-Lot was also in the house

Then that Sunday night was the Houston Press Music Awards Showcase where Slim Thug, Bun B and Devin the Dude shared an hour opening for the rock band Lit. Show actually went off really well, and hopefully all these folks will get covers for this. Slim already did a couple weeks back. Nice to see the local press giving a damn about the only music that sells out of Houston besides Destinys Child and ZZ Top. Next big Houston Press event is their 15th Anniversary Party with HOLLERTRONIX (Diplo and Low Budget) August 19th. Location and details TBA. Here's some flicks:

Devin at the bar preparing for his show.

His zipper was down the entire show, for real...

The man named Jugg Mugg, Odd Squad, Coughee Brothaz

Oh shit then on Wednesday I hit up part one of Chamillionaire's video shoot. I usually don't attend video shoots and studio sessions but my girls Julia Beverly (Ozone) and Nancy Byron (OGPR) were gonna be int he house, and I haven't seen Cham in some time really, so I headed out in the heat to peep it out. Glad I did. Check the shots.


Shooting for his DVD

Man, ladies, stop with the tattoos already.

Please. You so don't need them. And on the front of your leg? Why you wanna obscure that leg girl? Why? Answer that.

O.K. Man...

The good folks at Toxic Exotics brought out a rare chamillion for the shoot. I think it's actually a chamillion, I can't remember. Here's a few veiws of it though...

Loud shout out to Jenn of Toxic Exotics. She's a model. Learn more on their website...

Director Gil Green and Zay

Josh, Chamillitary

Julia Beverly, Ozone Magazine

Julia Beverly, DJ Chill, OG Ron C

Nancy Byron, DJ Chill

Darling Nicky and Zay

OG Ron C lugging them tables


Xtract, DJ Chill, Julia Beverly

Then that night I went to the radio station and was surprised by Fresh Kid Ice of the 2 Live Crew. Never expected him, and new live crew, to come through. But download the show below and hear what he has to say.

Fish N Grits, Fresh Kid Ice

Julia Beverly also made time to join us and we put her on the other side of the interview mic. She's a pro. Listen below.

Big time film critic Craig Lindsey

Rakoo Nation and like 10 people from Dallas made it down. Listen below to find out who everyone is. We love D-Town.

And of course Yung Redd made it through with SLAB fresh from their show at Rosewood Park in Austin. SLAB - The Anthem hit stores last Tuesday, go get that. Slow Loud and Bangin', the next generation of Houston hip-hop.

Download the Whole Show Here - Damage Control July 28, 2005

And loud shout outs to my man TimBBS who just had a baby boy today. Like an hour ago. Here's a few shots he took at our Tribute to DJ Screw show we did last week.

Mike D

Mike D and Chuck

DJ Chill and Myself repping for that FORMULA WERKS out of Chicago. Love it mayne. Anyway it's bedtime for a tired daddy. Hope you enjoy the photos and the radio show. I'll see some of you in the streets of Houston, and some of you in New York City next Monday night, August 8th at SWAY. DJ RAPID RIC AND BAVU BLAKES PERFORMING LIVE. Thanks again Roxy...