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Bushwick Bill ends Trilogy Geto Boys

Alright y'all I hate to admit but I don't have any of my own photos of Bushwick Bill at the moment, so I had to jack the few you see here from some google search action. If you haven't noticed, it's Geto Boys week here at houstonsoreal and sometime Friday I'll have a couple MP3 jams for you to snatch up. Just not right now. I just read this long ass bushwick interview and I'm tired...

Bushwick Bill
By Matt Sonzala

Bushwick Bill at SXSW 2002, feel it

What has Bushwick been up to lately?
Oh Bushwick? I got my OG Official Bushwick Bill Dot Com website. I got Dollars and Sense Entertainment I’ve had since 1994. That’s how I put out the No Surrender No Retreat with Ichiban in 1998. Right now with Dollars and Sense I got a joint venture with Adex Records International and they have a deal with WEA and my mixtape is gonna drop called Bushwick’s Gutta Mix. It’s a mixture of old stuff that you know and I’m introducing my new styles.

What are you doing in Los Angeles?
I’m in Los Angeles cuz I can do extra work acting, I can hang out with Bernie Mac and Will Smith and a bunch of people that know me from before they blew up and everyone just wants to see me do good. So it’s like when they’re in certain positions, they try to fit me into things. And Wood Harris from the Wire, he’s real cool. He could rap too, trying to plug me too. So just being out there it’s easier. I got a SAG card since I did the Martin show, but living in Texas, what can you do with it? So I had to go out there to even exercise my SAG card. You could make $500 a day as an extra, you could make $50 a day as an extra, but I mean that’s still money regardless.

So you’re out there pursuing acting?
Yeah cuz I did it before. I did Original Gangsters, Who’s the Man and Night Vision. I did the Martin show too but I never did nothing else. That’s why I’m in Cali now because I got acting credits but never exercise my actor skills.

Is it true that you’re doing radio out there too?
Yeah, I went up to 103 The Beat and hollered at Robert Scorpio. He wants to give me Friday’s, but he just got canned last week so I don’t know what the status is, but Wild 94.9 Bobby Loco out there, him and the Program Director offered me a job too. That’s only four hours from LA, that ain’t shit. Drive out there for four days, do the show come back home. So I’m working it. I used to work on Hot 107 in Memphis. I want to syndicate my show all across the country. I did Geto Boy radio with Pharris Thomas and Jay Allen in Chicago when they had 106 with Pink House. They got 92.3 The Beat now and they want me to do the Geto Boy show again. So everything’s picking up again, so it’s just a matter of me having good work ethics and being willing to work I could be the rapping Tom Joyner and Howard Stern of rap.

You’re diversifying.
Yes. I’m diversifying by multi-tasking. I learned that in LA, everybody multi-tasks, they got so many different jobs to do.

Will any of this overshadow the music?
Naw, naw, naw see when you in radio, you around music. When you in acting it’s like doing a video and then you can put your own songs in your movie. Or have your songs playing around your scene. One helps the other, because once you get your song on a soundtrack, you make more money than when you put out a regular album. That’s why you started seeing rappers do soundtracks because soundtracks are charted differently and scored differently and paid differently.

Should we be surprised that there’s a new Geto Boys album?
No there really shouldn’t be no surprise. I left in ’96 because things really wasn’t copasetic with the company as far as how I felt I was getting paid. But that had to do with paperwork, not with the individual artists. I signed when I was young and ignorant and wanted to make a change and people wasn’t hearing what I was saying so I just removed myself from the situation. They’ve rectified things with me and everything is cool now. We’ve settled our differences like businessmen. We realized that it wasn’t nothing emotional, it’s paperwork. They been paying me and they been doing what they supposed to do so I can’t complain.

Ever since that record in 1996 you’ve been doing independent stuff too though right?
Yeah a bunch of independent stuff. I been making money helping people set up record labels. Getting publishing companies started and having everything copywritten and licensed and all that. That’s what I make my money from. Helping people that’s local in certain cities that got talent but just don’t know how to coordinate with other people to get their music nationwide. I get money for consulting.

Yeah the rumors I have been hearing about you is that you have been moving around a lot.
Well what I been doing is going where my music goes, kicking it with my fans. Making money where people love me instead of sitting here thinking I’m old and washed up, I’m going out there finding out that I’m a viable force in this thing. Really to me, hip-hop is dead and gangsta rap is alive. You know what I mean? The hip-hop died with Biggie and Pac and Eazy and Trouble T-Roy and it died with Scott LaRock. Right now it’s all about gangsta rap and rap. It’s all about rap music and gangsta rap. Hip-hop is dead personally. There’s nobody making music like Run DMC. There’s nobody making music like Will Smith and Queen Latifah and Naughty by Nature back in the day and De La Soul. That was hip-hop to me. There might have been some cussing, but the story line was basically about dancing and partying. You know, like EPMD, you know what I mean? Gangsta rap, and rap music to me, the reason why I feel rap is what’s alive right now and not hip-hop because DOC said it straight for me in ’88 or ’89 when he said “Rhythmic American Poetry, You may ask me, not many people know of me,” so to me it’s all about Rhythmic American Poetry. We’re all black and from Africa, eventually somehow through the bloodlines, but it’s all about Rhythmic American Poetry. That’s what’s taking rap to one billion.

What about the rest of the world? The Geto Boys are big all over the world.
That’s what I’m sayin’. They’re all into Rhythmic American Poetry, it’s coming from America. It didn’t come from Africa. You feel me? So that conscious music of the 80’s was hip-hop. They were conscious about Africa, they was conscious about dancing, they were conscious about selling out. Right now it’s Rhythmic American Poetry, and Eminem to me is the biggest fuckin’ sell out in rap.

I kind of thought his Slim Shady persona was kind of similar to your Chuckie. Why is he a sell out?
Because he says it on his own fuckin’ records. He could say anything and it’ll sell. He’s taken black music and making more money than the average black artist. What Eminem is doing is what Elvis did to Little Richard, is what Eminem is doing to rap, personally. I don’t know how he feels personally about it, but when I look at the demographics and look at all this stuff going on, I mean D12 don’t even sell as much if he’s not on a song with them. And D12 is tight, they can hold they fuckin’ own. But he’s just a token white rapper basically, it’s what it boils down to. And that other kid that says I’ma make you speak Chinese, when he first did his interviews he said he wasn’t gonna lean on his ethnic background but I didn’t see why he shouldn’t. All I know is I don’t see Eminem really dealing with white issues basically. The only white issue he deals with is his mom. I’m sorry. He’s not dealing with blue collar crime. He’s dealing with black crimes and the average white man is not going to do a black crime. Because if he does get caught in a black crime he’s going under blue collar status. As talented as he is, I’d like to hear him rap about blue collar crimes.

What’s a blue collar crime?
Blue collar crime is credit card scams, bank fraud, Enron, in short.

I’d like to hear a lot of people rap about shit like Enron.
But your average black kid don’t grow up with his dad owning a multi-million dollar company. It’s like Vanilla Ice, he’s my homey but he’ll even tell you. Back in the day, they told him to say he was from Miami and he’s from Dallas. Saying he grew up with 2 Live Crew and he’s from Texas. The labels and the PR people will dictate what you say to people, or what your bio says is what people will interview you based on. I’d really like to hear about some white collar crime, that other kid, that Lee Iaccoca guy, that had the car that they used in Back 2 the Future?

John Delorean?
Yeah, yeah him. A couple of them cars had coke in the tires and all that shit. That man didn’t do no major time, but that is a blue collar crime. Cuz think about it, when Ice T did that song “Hustlers” right, he was running through the airport and everything but he was moving CDs. But he had a white accountant doing everything for him. And no, “Pusherman,” he did a song “Pusherman” too. I’m that nigga in the alley shit? See? That’s what I’m trippin’ on. We deal with all of the issues of street drama. Drama of growing up poor, welfare, single family. I would just like to hear a white rapper come out there and talk about why they’re suicidal, why they’d tie a bag around their neck to masturbate and half the time hang themselves. You know what I’m saying? He ain’t talking about none of that, but he’ll talk about Michael Jackson. He’ll fuckin’ talk about George Harrison’s son falling out of the hotel window. You don’t remember that? On “I am What Would I Say I Am,” he said “why they messing with my music when Harrison can’t stop his baby from falling out the balcony?” See he dealing with people emotional status. Only time I seen him rectify anything was with the gay community and Elton John had to justify his homophobic issues. Personally I give a fuck if a motherfucker is gay, that’s they’re fuckin’ business. I don’t like them personally but I don’t give a fuck what they do. As long as they don’t invite it to my kids, to me, to my environment, I’m cool.

On your new single you say you “hate faggots.”
Right, I hate ‘em, but you want to know what’s crazy? The word faggot in London is a cigarette. Wow. You go to London right now you be like “Do you have a fag?” They’ll hand you a cigarette. These motherfuckers call themselves gay when gay means happy. You know what I’m saying? They’re homosexuals, that’s what they do. I hate homosexuals, that’s the truth. What do I hate about them? The fact that iron doesn’t sharpen iron in that sense. And why they wanna get married when they can’t reproduce? At least a woman can have sperm donated and injected and have a baby. No man could have sperm injected in him and have a baby and be the first pregnant man around this bitch. Know what I’m sayin’? So until these homosexual, gay, cock suckers get themselves their own gay society where they just live within their gay realm, then I’m cool. I have no problem with lesbians. They’re interesting. But I have a problem with two men bumping uglies, that’s an ugly fucking situation. But there’s all kinds of homosexuals. I hate faggots that fuck over their friends. I hate all kinds of faggots, I hate ‘em all. I hate the faggot that’s running the country, fucking over America. He’s a faggot cuz he’s fucking over the human race. That’s same sex fucking right there, you know what I mean? Fuck!

Are you talking about any of this stuff on the album? Are you getting political again? Are the Geto Boys going to come in and talk politics again?
We’re doing the same thing we always did. We’re striking against the grain. We hurting peoples nerves. We getting on they motherfuckin’, like we shine a spotlight on that gray area. In between black and white, gay and straight is a gray area. We put the flashlight on that motherfucker. But I also said that I hated politicians. I don’t like politicians. Cuz they gay too. The motherfuckers, there’s too many fucking faggots Fucking faggots in the congress, faggots in the white house, faggots in the church house, faggots on the fuckin’ school board, there’s fucking faggots everywhere. Come on man, priests is fucking kids, so if the average gay motherfuckers is mad at me for hating their bitch ass, then they ought to reprimand their fucking gay constituents from fucking kids in church. They ought to repriamnd their gay constituents from working in day cares and raping motherfuckers kids. The gay society needs to police their own gay motherfucking world. They need to kill all gay motherfuckers that are raping kids.

Why do you the government doesn’t do anything about the priests who are doing this shit?
Cuz the shit’s been going on forever. It’s political. Think about it. The only one place America has a threshold on the world is the Catholic church. There’s a Catholic church in Russia. You hear about them bombing American embassies, but there’s a Catholic church in Iraq. They not bombing that motherfucker. And every Catholic church has a computer in it that connects to the master computer in the White House called The Beast. Come on people. And in Revelations you read about the mark of the beast. And they talking about after the terrorism shit, giving us a one global card. Now how would that one global card, one global ID, be able to be maintained if there wasn’t no Catholic churches from Rome to wherever the fuck. You know what I’m sayin’? I can’t stand snitches for the simple fact that if a motherfucker is gonna commit a crime and you’re ok with it when you’re making the money then why have a problem with it when you get caught. Listen to the old Baretta shit, Don’t do the Crime, if you can’t do the time. Fuck it. But kingpins are snitching. Half the fucking kingpins on this planet are holding something over their constituents to keep them loyal. The minute they break out, it’s kind of like in the movie Scarface. His homey that he was working for, Frank that had the car lot, when Tony wanted to do his own thing he brought the police in to remind him of the time he shot that guy on South Beach in broad daylight. So there’s snitches in all walks of life. There’s snitches paying motherfuckers. Shit. That’s all individual integrity though. If a motherfucker can’t stand on his own and be an individual, see I could be in a room full of people and still be an individual Bushwick. And when I die, I gotta answer to God for my individual sins. When I go to jail I don’t share a jail number under anybody elses name but mine. You could have co-defendants, but y’all don’t have the same jail numbers. When you die you die by yourself, when you go to jail you do time by yourself. It doesn’t matter if there’s a million people around you. It’s your time, you’re doing. So it’s all about individuality, being good to yourself.

Are these all things you cover on the album? It’s called War & Peace and that’s a pretty big spectrum to cover.
Well not really, you know why? We’re currently at war, and we currently seeking peace. But if there was no war in Iraq, or no war in Baghdad or no war in the middle east, we’re still at war with everyday living. To feed our family and take care of our kids and beat the tax crunch and watch out for the jackers and the people that are Johnny come lately’s, always want you to give ‘em some shit, shit. So we always at war. We at war when we send our kids off to go to school hoping that when they leave that morning they come back that afternoon. You at war every day that you get up and go to work hoping that you make it back. That car don’t crash, that train don’t derail, that plane don’t fall out the sky. We at war with the element’s of life hoping that we live to see tomorrow. We been at war, from the minute we came out of our mothers womb we been at war with life, to see how long we gonna live. Because the ultimate peace is resting in it. So we at war with life until we rest in peace, cuz there’s no peace in life, but there’s pieces of a dream.

What do you do to try to find peace?
Shit the world’s been broken into millions of pieces, I’m just trying to find a piece to live in, hoping I can be at peace before I rest in it.

After all these years though, you’re an icon in rap…
Hey, the only icons I know is on ipods and on computers. There is no fucking stars man. There is no fucking icons. There’s celebrities, because we celebrate our fame. I celebrate the people who I admire. I celebrate their triumph of achievement. We’re celebrities. All stars are in the sky. All stars are dead. I don’t want to look at my life as if I’m a beacon of light when I could be a forest fire. Hard to contain.

Have you ever traveled overseas to perform?
Yeah I been to Hawaii and Japan and I’m from Jamaica so.

You know people all over the would love the Geto Boys.
Yeah I’m going to Germany, and I got family in Brixton in London. I got cousins and uncles out there, I got family in Canada too.

Well you could perform all over the world too.
That’s kind of complicated. Cuz like Face is not too cool on flying. I don’t know how cool he is on boats, because boats is a lot longer than flying. When it comes to issues of flying and unity between the group, beyond studio shit, time is the only manifestation of truth as to what the outcome is. When you’re dealing with different personalities, chances are, Johnny Mathis is right. “Chances Are.”

You guys have always seemed to be pretty separate from each other.
We’re individuals. You could throw a bunch of people together but that don’t make ‘em family, that don’t make them loved ones. We could grow to respect each other but put it this way, if I’m around Face and some shit jump off where somebody’s gonna fuck with him, yes I would jump off in there in defense of my homey. But if something is wrong with me and I’m millions of miles away, I wouldn’t think to call Face or Will for assistance.

So you just come together when it’s time to make a record?
I come together when it’s time to make a record and when it’s time to perform. I don’t call them when I’m financially fucked up because I don’t believe I’ll get assistance from anybody.

Do you still see publishing money from “Mind’s Playing Tricks?”
Yeah all that’s straight, but you know, because the way our contract was when I left in ’96, the publishing is not going to me. I’ve checked on it. Checks are being cashed on it, but you know, you can’t be mad at what you signed. When our gangsta rap became a part of pop culture then I was wondering why I’d meet MC Breed and he got a house in Atlanta with a pool in the backyard and I’m in an apartment. And his producer who made the beat for “Ain’t No Future in Your Frontin’” is driving another car and Breed got another car and has accounts with the Hyatt Regency and got his own studio with his groups working and only had one hot single with a gold album and I’m like hold up, we done went platinum and we done went gold and we done went platinum and I’m like “hold up!” But they can only pay you according to the paperwork.

A lot of artists make their money off shows. Why don’t the Geto Boys ever tour?
Naw to be honest with you, the longevity dog. See the touring money makes you neglect the record money. But the publishing money pays longer than the touring money. There will be times when you’re not touring when the records will still be making you money.

Lots of cats are still on the road making money.
Right well hopefully they still own their own publishing? Cuz think about it, thirty years from now, don’t Michael Jackson own the Beatles publishing? Don’t you think his kids are gonna own the Beatles publishing? OK, my kids don’t own my publishing, they do now, but on the early Geto Boys stuff I did, there is no publishing. I mean they wrote songs with me and they wrote songs for me. I came up with my own ideas, but whenever I wrote a song down they would tell me that I needed somebody else to structure it for me. I learned how to rap in two weeks. I didn’t sit up for years everyday hoping and praying to be a rapper. That was not my thing. I was studying to be a lawyer and then I went to bible school to be a minister. None of that spells rap.

What made you start rapping?
I came to Texas to visit my sister. While I was here I decided to get a job at the club as a busboy and I met DJ Lonnie Mack at Club Flames at Bellaire and Fondren. And he’s from Chicago so when I came in the club, I was dancing on the dancefloor doing all the dances that was new and wasn’t down here yet, they only seen that in the movies, they never seen anybody do that live and direct. So he came over to me and told me where he was from. Then he introduced me to DJ Ready Red, then he introduced me to Lil J and I started hanging out with Lil J at the studio and I became the opening act for the Geto Boys and in ’89 Jukebox and Johnny C quit and then Scarface and Willie D was signing to Rap A Lot as solo artists, but Grip It! On that Other Level had to come out so what happened was he threw us together as the group. It’s not that we ever hung out or knew each other from day one. Everyone wanted to be a solo artist. So that’s why you see solo mentalities.

Didn’t the Geto Boys propel you to where you could be a solo artist?
I was with the Geto Boys from ’85 so basically the name Geto Boys established us as what you call reputable artists. So if it wasn’t for the Geto Boys, the world wouldn’t know us. But when I sit back and look at it, from day one when I started opening up for the Geto Boys, Geto Boys was not getting the response from the audience until I came out dancing and doing everything I did, then everything changed. The cover for “Mind Playing Tricks” would not have been interesting if they didn’t come to the hospital and snap the picture without my permission and slapped it on the cover of the album because they thought I was gonna die. So my eye fit the song and made it blow up. So really my tragedy made the Geto Boys. The name Geto Boys made me a rapper. But “Mind Playin’ Tricks” wouldn’t have sold if I hadn’t lost my eyes.

There was controversy nonstop with you guys back then.
Right there was controversy with us, the controversy behind the Geto Boys was because of the same shit that I’m saying right now. On the song “Size Ain’t Shit,” I said I would punk a nigga out and make him be my bitch and “let a nigga get shit on his dick for one cigarette.” So I was just dealing with a jail mentality. And David Geffen from Geffen Records said he didn’t like the way I was talking about homosexuals because he’s one himself and he banned the record from being manufactured and distributed. That made us the first group in the history of music to ever be banned from manufacturing. 2 Live Crew was manufactured and was banned for being stocked in the stores. We were banned from even having our music going past the distribution company into a retail store. But when people saw my eye on the album cover We Can’t Be Stopped, then heard the song “Mind Playin’ Tricks,” all the interviewers were asking me was the reason I lost my eye because my mind was playing tricks on me? Everything reflected on the album cover and the song. They said the album cover made the song. But the beats and the lyrics to the song are potent regardless. There’s a generation of kids who don’t know what that album cover looks like but still love the music regardless. But for that time, when all that was going on, everything was about my eye. And when it came time to promote that album, I went out by myself a week after coming out the hospital, for four months I was the only one promoting that record. Throwing up in every city, cuz I wasn’t used to different climates and jet lag and all that shit and there was no medicine for the bacteria with my eye shit that I had to deal with and I’m just out there with my eye leaking and they said if it leaks into my other eye I could go blind and I’m doing all this shit for the records sake. I left in ’96 because I didn’t feel that all the work I was putting in, sacrificing coming out of the hospital with my own personal tragedy, I’m promoting the record by myself. I didn’t feel as if I was being respected by my fellow artists and label mates and record company owners.

So how do you get past all that and reach this new generation of fans that you say haven’t seen that record cover but love “Minds Playin’ Tricks?”
And love my verse. How do you reach them? By currently being current just like new currency with big faces. So we’re currently current like currency.

Reflecting on all the shit you just said, I think that in Houston if a Geto Boys single comes out I expect to hear it on the radio all the time. Like it should be a really big deal. How come we haven’t really heard the new single on the radio yet?
Politics, or should I say politricks. There’s a bunch of politricks in radio. If you ain’t basically sucking up to motherfuckers in radio as far as taking them out to eat, wining and dining them, buying them a record company jacket, sending them on vacations, inviting them out to your video shoot or whatever it is that you got going on, they ain’t feeling you.

They don’t want to play you or they just haven’t?
All they gotta do is when they get the record spin the cocksucker, period. Cuz I was going up to 97.9 everyday hanging out. If you remember, you would hear me on the radio. And then when I went up there to get a job working on the radio, they wouldn’t even give me a job on radio, I went to Memphis and got a job in radio and that station went from #2 to #1. It’s just politics and the politics stem from the simple fact that all of these people in radio are not the radio owners. Your average radio personality is not rich. And radio stations only stay open based on commercials. So if people start caring about people and not about circumstances and situations I believe anybody could maintain in any business endeavor that they do if it’s about respect, love and trust.

Is money too much of a focus?
No, it’s all about family, because to be honest with you as long as there’s people there’s gonna be problems. Money is not the root of all evil, the love of money is. The bible says money is not the answer to everything but it does solve a few problems. I just need money to pay my bills and feed my family so that after I am done with this life, my kids don’t have to grow up like vagabonds talking about what their dad did but what he didn’t do for them once he’s not here. I want my money to turn into old money. I want generations to be able to live off of my accomplishments and inspire them to create their own accomplishments. I ain’t got time to gripe or be bitter about what motherfuckers ain’t doing, I’m gonna use every opportunity to do what I can do for my generation and generations to come. Sometimes you just have to look beyond the bullshit and realize that even though you have to deal with people that are synthetic motherfuckers with a microwave mentality they’re a gangster in a minute, a homey in a minute, a nigga in a minute. As soon as you pop them in then everything is cool, in a minute. And you just have to realize that life goes from seconds to minutes and then hours. So I’m not down with motherfuckers that’s just down with me for the minute. You gotta be down with me for the long haul. Roll with me till the wheels fall off.

Who are some of the people that have rolled with you like that?
Well I would say my kids roll with me like that. My homey Ronnie, he’s my cousin and it’s like my cousin Bido 1, my mom and dad, those are the only ones that really rolled with me until the wheels fell off. Like when I would get drunk and trip the fuck out and get suicidal or disastrous, just ready to break shit up, crash cars and all kinds of things, whether they were there when all this commotion was taking place or not, when it was all said and done, they still loved me. They were still there for me. Everybody else just wanted to get in the concerts free and love me for the moment. But they were with me when everybody hated me because I was very dangerous to be around because at any moment I could snap off and it would be life threatening. And then it’s like Cindy, my daughters mom, she’s been with me from when I had no money to now when I have money. And she was there when we didn’t even know if we was gonna eat that day or have a place to stay for that night, or if they were gonna come get the rental car from us and hold us in jail for having the thing for too long. She stayed down, held a job, paid for stuff, helped me while people were still stopping me for autographs. She could have looked at it like “He’s signing autographs and I’m working and maintaining for the family.” And my homey T in LA, I been working with him for four months now. I was in LA and a bunch of projects I was working on a lot of people went to jail and a bunch of different things happened, so the companies just gave up on the project and I hooked up with him and he knew all the promoters out there doing concerts and stuff so he invested in me to put out my Bushwick Gutta Mix. His name is T. Ngyugen. So people like that, and like Greg Moore in Miami from ’98 – 2001, he any my homeys from Zo Pound, the rap group that did the song with Raekwon, they would put me in the studio with other people that were making songs and stuff and helped me make money to take care of me. So between Zo Pound and Mad Dollars Entertainment they took care of me. So there is love out there but you still have to use your intelligence with your heart. Cuz all money ain’t good money and all love ain’t good love. So I’m back doing this Geto Boys album cuz it’s vital for my kids. My oldest son Dre, he’s 13, Richard is 12. My daughter Lea is 9 and Jovan is 9 and Mara, she’s 2. I have to start thinking about them now. I’m doing this record because they need to feel a sense of accomplishment that their dad is working and doing something. Because my kids need me, clothes to wear, food to eat and a father who is not a deadbeat. That’s the bottom line for me, and my mom and dad is 73 years old. So I need to give back. I need to work to give back. I don’t need to be emotional and hate situations and dislike people for what they haven’t done, it’s up to me to rectify it and right the wrongs so that my kids can survive beyond my fame and glory. I’m not in it for the fame I’m in it for the longevity money for future generations. Oh yeah and Bistro, he used to manage Kool G. Rap and he does cars now at Do It Fluid in Inglewood. He’s been down.

Do you still have depressive bouts?
Yeah I mean once you’ve been suicidal you still get those thoughts because it’s something you have to shake. Once things start getting complicated, your first thought is to jump off into something and drive off into something and make shit blow up. So it’s like suicidal people are like terrorists against themselves. Because even if they die alone they still kill the people around them. If they go off in a crowded area to kill themselves they could kill people around them. That suicidal mentality shit really ain’t cool with me. I just realized that depression comes from not looking for avenues. If you’re just staring, looking at the president on TV talk about the bullshit he got to say, and focus on every word and hang on every word that he got instead of checking out your options because life is a smorgasbord. You don’t have to let one bump in the road or one traffic jam stop you from detouring and getting you off that road and finding a clear one to get you to your destination. You might have veered off that road but you got back on the same track. So that’s where I’m at right now in life. And I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I’m not. I’ll never kiss no ass to be accepted. That’s just me.

You got anything on the new album like “Fuck A War” from We Can’t Be Stopped?
Naw, we didn’t do that this time because if you play “Fuck A War” from 1991, it’s still fits right now. You look at Fahrenheit 911, he was interviewing Bush while he was golfing. That shit’s funny to me because what we was talking about back then is still happening right now. We need to re-release it.

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  1. GREAT Interview... I learned a lot from it... Bushwich is one of the more interesting people in Hip Hop... much props...

  2. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Im sorry but this interview made Bushwick look like a complete idiot. What he says about Eminem is completely stupid...and racist. He says because emienm is white he needs to rap about a certain type of crime? Thats suggesting whites and blacks are completely different and dont share any EQUAL struggles or success...moron.

    Then what he says about do I really need to speak on it? Do you guys ride his nutts so much you cant see how wrong he is? Lesbians are ok? why? because the midgest enjoys jerking off to lesbian porn? Wow alot of rappers are idiots..but it hurts to when I find out one of my favorite ones is.

  3. Bushwick is bushwick. You have to take what he say's read between the lines and just take what you need from. No matter what this is still a good article.


  4. Anonymous3:37 PM

    hey matt - lance walker here. can you email me sometime when you get a chance? lancescottwalker at yahoo


  5. Anonymous6:49 AM

    I really liked dis shit I agree with most of dat about gay people cuz from the west indies U have certian beliefs.I also like he ain't frontin like GETO BOYS was like fam from the crib but respect is givin.Represent 4 the short carribean brothers.

  6. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Abubakari: are you a retard?

    Love the bit where Bill gets white and blue collar confused.

  7. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Bushwick is a fucking liar!!1 i don't give a fuck if he's a midget or not. Willie D wrote most of his shit and he lied and said he didn't but Willie's name is listed on the credits. Yeah and the shit about Em is bullshit. FUCK THAT FUcking midget! He ain't no real rapper anyway. Willie and face are the only ones in the group who write.

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