Friday, February 15, 2008

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My first piece on!

Word to Steve Bloom.

And yes I think it's a conspiracy. Or a cover up. Or well, let not pull any punches here, I think it's murder.


Blogger Meso said...

Great article, Matt, Real Talk on "living recklessly." You were able to reflect good, bad, and ugly. I, agree, large amounts of potassium sodium injected into the bloodstream can cause an immeidate heart arrest/attack. Unless specifically, tested or reviewed it goes untraced.. Watch law & order or even Lifetime. Celebstoners added to my favs.

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Clyde Smith said...

Please don't take this the wrong way:

I don't know what to say, Matt, but this murder claim looks pretty weird without any real evidence to go on and you don't seem to suggest any questionable ideas to base it on either.

LAPD's f*cked but they don't have a history of injecting people, like meso suggests, or doing anything quite like this.

Seriously, do you have something more on this, cause you haven't made any public statements that I've seen that back up your feelings?

That's a weird limb to go out on, IMHO.

No disrespect here at all. I'm more concerned for you at this point than anything else.

1:42 PM  
Blogger Pushermania said...

Naw man I certainly don't think that the LA Police killed him, but think about it man, the dude just laid down and died at 33 years old? Yeah it can happen. Sure. Maybe he did OD, maybe everything they are saying is true. Fine.

But who else is questioning this? Does it not seem strange to you? Have you no questions about this?

I have no idea who may have or may not have killed the man, but I do know that if I go in for a drug test and I have syrup (I mean weed, just weed for me) in my system, they'll put the cuffs on my ass and take me to the pokey immediately, not two months later.

They found the bottle in the room, he had already been diagnosed with sleep apnea, and we find out about this shit two months later?

I just think someone with much greater power than I, and connections, may have done something funny. It's my opinion, yes, I am a conspiracy theorist and a blogger. Not a serious investigative reporter, but yes, it is my feeling as though something is not right in this situation.

And if you had been paying attention to what Pimp was saying over the past year, you know he got a lot of people riled up. He wasn't necessarily wrong in what he was saying either.

I could be totally wrong, but in my book, when something like this happens, there should at least be an investigation.

And the LAPD is corrupt and has a history of corruption, as does the LA County Coroners office. It's true. So I pose the question, that's all.

I think the dude was killed but I could certainly be wrong.

Also, I am personally fucking floored by the fact that he is gone, and I really cannot accept it to this day. I just can't man.

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Clyde Smith said...

Thanks for clarifying what's up.

Those questions are worth asking.

But to me it speaks more to the depth of your loss than to a possible conspiracy.

And I don't have words to address that. Just hang in there. You've got a lot of supporters out here.

11:11 AM  
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