Saturday, January 05, 2008

Nice piece on the passing of OG Style from the Houston Chronicle



All of which was quite nice. Maybe a feature on the unhearalded legends of rap who somehow always kept a career is in order. K-Rino, C-Bo, Young Bleed, half the Bay, Point Blank, Bobo Luchiano, Psycho Drama, E.C. Illa, man there's just so many. SO MANY artists who have lived on beyond the hype. Artists who have paid mortgages for their entire adult lives without the help of the Source, XXL, Vibe or Clear Channel (or Clear Channels equally evil cousins). Maybe it's time to shine light on some of these other living artists outside of the blogs and Murder Dog.

Maybe it's time. I don't know how y'all feel, but seeing three certified Houston legends pass in only two months makes me think that I need to step my game up. I may have to pick up the pen again and deal with these editor drones and "fact checkers" and well, maybe not. I have a family to feed as well.

Anyway, I have no idea what to do. All I know is that when I was on Damage Control, the goal was to support artists who were trying to support themselves. Not suck the dicks of the fake motherfuckers only out for a pay day. There's so many artists out there walking these streets, alive, creating, and being over looked by so many. Then they die and people start to pay attention for a day or so. Such is life, this is nothing new, but fact is, in 2008 we have WAY more outlets than we did when I was coming up. More radio stations, a million more magazines, websites, TV shows and entire stations, etc. But it seems that even less is being covered. Much less is being played. The Top 40 is now a Top 4 and I blame it on complacency, laziness, selfishness and hatred for those who might want to do for self.

We don't all have to be cogs in the machine, but these corporate entities might make you think otherwise. I wish I could give a K-Rino CD to every kid in the ghetto wanting to rap. I wish I could open the eyes of those who diss and dismiss independance in favor of riding the corporate wave. I wish I could convince the editors of these magazines that music is more than a marketing budget. But alas and alak it may be pointless.

Sorry, I'm a little depressed right now.


Blogger Crew54 said...

It's sad to me when someone who meant so much to real people in the game gets so little notice in favor of people who are one hit wonders and corporate controlled gimmicks. I respect people like yourself for keeping the honor of these folks in mind, so that someone who doesn't know can come along and be enlightened.

12:55 PM  
Blogger EMVEE said...

R.I.P. to another Texas legend.

7:18 PM  
Blogger Patrick said...

I grew up in Houston and I remember when O.G. Style came out. I got love for the Geto Boys, Scarface, UGK, etc....

But O.G. Style put out my favorite CD of all time by a Houston rap group (it may be a toss up between O.G. and Scarface's The Diary.. but that's Scarface as a soloist), but anyway I digress....

O.G. had a southern twang with a New York style flow and lyricism. It was a hell of a combination. The CD (ok, the tape..) could be played on both sides all the way through without hitting fast forward.

I consider it a classic.

If you are into Houston hip-hop and never checked OG Style, do yourself a favor and cop that.

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

while ur talkin bout his older albums, have u checked out his comeback album, i was on his promotion team for it and miss him dearly... u need to ck that one out too... my fav joint is Gangsta..."gangsta lemme tell ya somethin, u niggas needa stop frontin', walkin with a gangsta limp, actin like u is a pimp..." talkin bout these fakeass folks, man OG Style jus strait kept it real man... ck him out on myspace, cd baby, soundclick... like the rest man, his music lives on n he will be missed.... one love Eric OG STYLE Woods!!!

3:10 AM  
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