Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More SXSW Coverage!

This time it's an interview with Devin the Dude for The Dallas Morning News' Bandwidth section. Its a video interview in 2 parts so click the link and check it out.


And I know you already went and bought WAITIN' TO INHALE right?

What a magnanimous work.

Peep out Lance Walker's review of it HERE.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a dope interview...VERB

7:36 PM  
Blogger Petey Wheatstra said...

Whats up yall, this is Peewee, Coughee Brothaz. Matt called me an OG(One of the SXSW pics), but he has been in this as long as I have and is an OG as well. I love this dude and he has always looked out for my Brothaz, and all the Texas artist. With out Matt, alot of what is going on now in Houston would not be. And even though we both go through alot of shit and wonder why we do this, we keep going. Why? The love of this music, and the GOOD people that we get to work with. I have found a true family in this music. And I know if it wasnt for the love, alot of us would not be here either. Matt, thanks for all the love and support for all the artist, and many years. I look forward to many more. Anything you need bro, I got cha 4 life.....
Petey Wheatstra

Pick Up Devins new Album
Devin The Dude - "Waitin to Inhale"
Call the local radio stations, and ask for "What a Job?", Contact Rap A Lot and let them know we want a video as well.

Check out the Coughee Brothaz new Album -"Waitin our turn!" Comming this summer....

8:32 PM  
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