Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I Support Texas Music and A Lot of Other Things
Though I am turning into a bit of a hater

I was reading ELliot Wilson's column in the new XXL Magazine today whilst sitting on the porcelain throne and I was really feeling him this time around (for the most part). Sometimes when I read his column I get mad like "Who the hell does this smarmy dude think he is?" Then I realize that that is indeed more than likely his goal and I chill out. I'm not in the least bit mad at XXL Magazine, so I can take it.

But the overall vibe of his latest column is something that I have been thinking about a lot lately, it's getting harder than ever to NOT be a hater. Today's hip-hop industry is killing itself, shooting itself in the foot acting as though it is all knowing and all being as it slips from the fingers of those who think they have such a tight grip on it.

Anyway last night I wrote a lil diatribe against the Source, they owe me $3,200 straight up and are now in forced bankruptcy which means unless someone up there wants to be a human, I'll never ever see my money - $600 of which is money I spent out of my own pocket for one of their events. Stupid me. Anyway, I know how to handle my business and physically and emotionally attacking people ain't it, so I deleted it.

I also read the review some young, backpackin' hater wrote about the Trae album. Now I know all about journalism ethics (The Source has none, why do they pretend?) and I know that an editor should let his writers be expressive and certainly shouldn't censor their thoughts, but when someone writes something as wrong as that Trae review, he should be called on it and that bullshit should not even be printed. Is there no room for being real anymore?

I'ma back up Elliot's column and sum it up a lil simpler like (cuz we from the south and we slow). Hip-Hop Industry - you are a bunch of pussys. Get the cocaine out your brain and please try to return to humanity in some capacity please before all this implodes.

Maybe an implosion is what we need.

(Chalie Boy, Money Waters, Mr. Blakes, Mojoe, Magno to the top of the charts in 2007 or else.)

Regardless, I don't want any Source employees at our CMJ event. No editors, owners, CEO's writers, photographers, none of y'all for any reason. Stay home that night or go someplace else. If you wanna come, admission is $3,500. That's not interest, that's the $3,200 for me and $300 for my man Paolo. Lil bonus. Yeah right.


Anyway, to hell with all that. I support Texas Music. And so does ME Television where I am employed in Austin, TX. This past Monday they welcomed Texas legend, Daniel Johnston to the studio for a special live performance and interview with renowned Texas journalist Ken Lieck (Dancing About Architecture). Shit was off the hook (Though Daniel apologized 20 times for his "terrible" performance.") and the small, but excited crowd was straight rapt.

You probably have no idea who Daniel is, and well, I don't necessarily know how to explain him to the hip-hop community so for now allow these pictures to be worth a few thousand words.

And click the links below the photos.

Me and the man, so excited to meet his fans.

He started out on piano and did like 4 songs

Then moved on to guitar, all the time sucking down Mountain Dew

See it all on ME Television soon. Check the website for updates.

Outside for a smoke break

And the usual barrage of papparazzi - what up Courtney

Interview time. Ken Lieck handled up.

Daniel doing a drop for the station. 10 times.

And here's some of my esteemed colleagues at ME.

Jackie - does all the design and such. Cool logos and moving animations and such.

Jennifer G.

Jaqueline Renee and the man. Jackie runs things and hosts a couple shows on the station. Note that Daniel seems a bit more excited to meet this fan than the one above. He's a real man.

Ryan P.


Diedre also runs things

And Craig Stewart of the radical rock band Rubble, rounds things off.

Check out Daniel Johnston:

Hi How Are You Dot Com

Daniel Johnston Fan Site

The movie

Possibly Daniel's MySpace - Though I doubt he's up on it much


Coming up this weekend - KPFT PRESENTS HIP HOP IN THE PARK! FREE! Headlined by MOJOE from San Antonio, one of the best live hip hop acts in Texas. You do not want to miss this!!!!



Devin The Dude : On The Grind : Smoke One 4 Ya Brother

Purchase @

Track Listing

1 - Devin - 24 Hour Grind
2 - Gettin High feat. Coughee Brothers
3 - Give It And Go
4 - Porno Bitches feat. Big Boi & Bizarre
5 - Yo Bitch
6 - Pussy feat. Sani G
7 - Toast To The Pussy feat. Twista
8 - Payin For Pussy
9 - Devin On The Grind
10 - Beautiful Crazy
11 - Find Somethin
12 - Splash
13 - Like Some Hoes feat. Ghetto Boys
14 - My High feat. E-40
15 - Smoke One For Your Brothas
16 - Dime A Dozen feat. Coughee Brothers
17 - On The Road feat. Coughee Brothers
18 - Fresh Rims & Vogues feat. Coughee Brothers
19 - Choosey feat. Young Buck & Dirtbag
20 - Anything feat. Mr. Blakes


Fuck rap, let's take it to the corner of the block, and...

(Who's gonna make the next Stress: The Extinction Agenda? No, not P. Diddy, no way)


Blogger Mr. Babylon said...

Those pics of Daniel on the piano are fucking awesome.

4:51 PM  
Blogger Frank Spinatra said...

crush kill destroy stress

When you're in Vancouver, come by the five point[on main and 16th], my chef loves devin and He'd love to have you as guests at our establishment[notice how I left out fine, not that it isn't but I don't want to big the place up too much.]
Drop in though shit is good.

Frank Spinatra

ps ask for Sean.

3:35 AM  
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