Friday, October 27, 2006

This Weeks Damage Control! - DJ Chill and Rapid Ric on the radio in Paris!

What they talm bout? I'm pissed I'm not in Paris, but pumped I got to hear my boys on the radio. I did sleep good last night, rather than sit on the 10 hour flight, but um, man I miss Paris. Boys killin' 'em over thurr.


RAPID RIC DJS WHILE FRENCH MC'S Youssoupha, Poison and Alibi Montana FLOW!


That's today.

Trae Video Shoot - InTha Hood/No Help - 3rd Ward Texas

Man I'm sitting here listening to DJ Chill and Rapid Ric mixing live on the radio in Paris. It's goin' down. Just a couple days back though, I mean nights, we were out there in that Third Ward Texas off Scott fof the latest Trae video shoot. Here's some shots. Get excited. Trae is the Truth.


With Yung Joc

Know'm sayin'?

Jason holding it down for Texas once again.

G.R.i.T. Boys!

Big Chief of Rap-A-Lot Records, DJ Chill

DJ Wiz Familia

Bun B!

What you know 'bout that Ella? There's a good bookstore over there.


Trycia Nguyen and friend

It went down.

Mad Linx from BET!

Lance Walker and Cl'che WHERE YOU BEEN CLE?


with me


Yung Redd

The Boss!

Billy Cook and Mad Linx

Lil J Xavier the youngest in charge for real

Trae and J. Prince of Rap A Lot!

Big Truck!

Keeping it soreal

Pimp C, Louie Rankin!

KB da Kidnappa, Louie Rankin

KB da Kidnappa, Pimp C

Mad Linx, Pimp C, Wickett Cricket!

International Red!

DJ Wiz, Nancy Byron, Pimp C, Dread!

Wonderous of the Plaboy Click, Lil J Xavier, Big Chief

Yung Joc and Trae.

Lance Walker, Julia Beverly, Showtyme

Look out for this one. Maybe BET and MTV will actually play it. I don't know. If they hate they may have to get dealt with.

And the other, other night I went to a poetry event, something I usually don't do, but INVINCIBLE was performing and I always liked her shit. Yeah, she's the white girl from Detroit who can really rhyme, but she's also a seious activist and extremely community minded. She raps real about real shit so I had to go and support.

She didn't lip synch. In fact she sounded quite clear over a shitty little semblence of a sound system. No lip synching dudes.

Especially not at Sabbath in the Park.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Sabbath in the Park

Monday, October 23, 2006

HoustonSoReal Affiliated Events - Paris - Vancouver - Seattle - New York

Somebody called me arrogant recently for not enjoying the new P. Diddy record and for going off on lip synchers. Sorry to all who I may have offended. Now let's get back to the party.

It's goin' down this Friday in Paris y'all. All my people out there stand up and rock to the sounds of DJ Chill and Rapid Ric. THIS FRIDAY NIGHT OCTOBER 27TH!

Then Vancouver gets another dose of the Dude! Halloweed 2006 - Oct. 31st at Richards on Richards. Then November 1st in Seattle!

Then on November 4th it's the HoustonSoReal return to CMJ. Last year's party with Bun B and the Screwed Up Click was huge. All New York style and shit. Even the most VIP-ish of VIPer's couldn't get in. Shit was a madhouse. Expect the same this year when the most talked about lyricist in the South (Trae) joins forces with the mid-South's most FIREST group (Clipse). Opening the show will be Jokaman - who many say is the next to blow out of H-Town. Definitely someone to look out for. And Naledge of the Kidz in the Hall. DJ Chill and Catchdubs on them wheels.

Get tickets at before they sell out. You know we gotta leave room for the VIP's. I'm not even gonna tell you that someone else has hit me up already about possibly making an appearance of sort's at this event cuz they never show up anyway when they tell me and Trae is gonna be enough to rock you into oblivion.

Respect the Real!