Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Houston Press Story Sums Up The Realest

I done trieda told ya to recognize a playa....

I already told you to recognize a playa but ima say it again

Mayne we in London mayne. I wish I could process all these photos and make it happen for you on demand, but alas and alak I am only one man, and a drunk, stoned, stupid one at that. SO we sit here and hope that the words will work for you for now.

Today in London I made a 4 hour/$100 round trip to the airport to pick up my wife and then hooked up with Dizzee Rascal who took us to get Jerk Chicken and we saw a dude get arressted for having a gun! Not that that is cool or anything, but it was really something to see in the LDN where they not sposed to have such things. I wanted to pull him aside and tell him to recognize and respect the peacefulness that is Post WWII Europe but then I thought i should just get in the car and get the fuck out of there. The jerk chicken was amazing and I got some cats on video rapping outside with Dizzee for the HoustonSoReal on the Road DVD that will be available for purchase for the first time 24 November. Um did I tell you that Logan Sama, Plastikman, Wiley and Skepta will be at Warehouse Live in Houston for a special Lady Sov after party 24 November? Oh forgive me. We staying open till 3 am too beeshes. I got a couple sponsors in the pipeline, but if you wanna give me some money and brand your motherfuckin ass in front of a LOT of tastemaking Houstonians and a gang of Houston ex-pats, well you can get a lot of bang for your buck (22 Nov. Dallas - 23 nov. Austin - Venues TBA start bidding now). You fuckers need to quit fronting and just put that money in my pocket. When that happens, then, I got you.

Anyway, today was off the chain. Dizzee hit me up early and I told him where I was (East London in Hackney/Clapton bitches) and he said 'Boy You are in the hoooooooood.' and we are, thanks to Dave Stelfox for that. The hood in London rules if you like to eat and drink and such, like myself. Good vibes too.
Anyway Dizzee took me to where he grew up, Bow, and I got some SERIOUS footage for the DVD. You are gonna fuckin freak the fuck out. Distributors put your bids in now cuz I'm gonna kill these fools with their street dvds (Though DJ Chill is gona smash me and end up geting an MTV show off of his, watch. DJ Chill is the next Andy Milonakis SoReal. He's gonna teach you what language they speak in England - it's English).

HoustonSoReal On The Road mayne. Just stay with me here.

Anyway, after the Dizzee Rascal tour of London I finally met my Distant Cousins Hattie Collins and Chantelle Fiddy. Recognize a playa when you see me on the street fools. That's my fuckin peoples. They got that real love for the music. London, consider yourselves lucky, these gurls really care and you lazy fucks beter recognize that shit. I feel that shit.

And they bought me and Melissa and Dave Stelfox - quite possibly the greatest man alive - pints of some sort of Lagerish type stuff. Respect. Safe. Um, I don't know much other London ghetto slang but by tomorrow I'm gonna be right proper with that shit.

Ric and Chill are doing Pirate Radio somewhere with my man Brian Bartholomew - quite possibly the greatest man alive too - and I missed it cuz my phone dont work and well, I have excuses for everything. Get used to it. Yo Yo at Notting Hill Arts Club Thursday night. If you are in LDN and you are not there, you stupit daw. And if you got people in LDN and you havent called them yet to tell them to come out - you suck a fat dick in hell Hater.

I don't know. I'm delirious, a bit drunk, poppin weird Euro pills with Mercedes Benz symbols on them and I am out.

Leave me a comment.

DJ Chillizms coming soon.
Lekker Conche's voor alles.


Monday, September 25, 2006

Photos from oslo

Courtesy of the good folks at KINGSIZE.

Oslo and Trondheim were off the chain. Amsterdam was hazy but good. Got lots of stories to blog on and on about and 200 some photos coming in a week or so.


just copy the fuckin link i cant figure out this shit on Ric's fuckin mac and cant remember the html right now cuz im running on fumes literally.

London we will be there tomorrow. Prepare a pint, a couch and turn the telly to Channel U.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Recognize a Playa

Know'm talm bout?

Check the photo above. That's Grandpa SoReal right there out doing the youngsta DJ Rapid Ric and my cousin DJ Chill exponetially. After a clean 24 hours of awakness, these 3 boys landed in Oslo Norway where we immediately procured some hash from a secret unnamed source because alas and alak, we are not in Amsterdam yet, and well I kind of hit the ground running and didn't get any sleep until we hit the 45 hour mark. Yes being awake for 45 hours can be painful, but when you got beer, hash and Europe to work with you should be able to dig a little extra energy from your soul.

Actually i think I may have a problem, but for now we are going to classify my not sleeping and excessive drinking and smoking as keeping it real.

Anyway I dont have time to mess with all the photos I took last night at the thowdedest party I have been to in eons cuz I'm currently on Rapido's Mac and I can't figure out macs for things such as resizing photos and such. I only know how to click the Safari button and type things and then now I know how to Skype. If you ain't Skyping, you ain't living. Hanh. Send.

Anyway peace to Mona be for procuing an incredible TV special on the Houston rap scene. All keller, no filler. None of the goof balls were featured, just the real, including me, in my kitchen, holding Elena, talking like i know thangs. Hanh. Send.

Then Peace to Patrick and everyone at Juicy and Stress for producing a fantastic event. It was crazy to see so many people in Norway doing the Ratchet and whyling out to "Recognize a Playa" and "In the Hood" and "Mo City Don."

DJ Chill and Rapid Ric are a deadly combination. We gonna do more of this. Tonight is Trondheim, tomorrow we hit Amsterdam for a Sunday night affair peep the post below for info if you happen to be in Europe and wanna Recognize I'm a G.

O.k. look we gotta hit this place, I just wanted to try and blog some shit. Just know that Chill and Ric are nockin knockin doors down and that I am now famous in Norway. Serious, people tell me they saw me on TV and as I was walking down the street in Trondheim, every kid with his hat cocked, a rap shirt or a skateboard looked at me like "I know him from somewhere." Cuz Mona B be recognizing a playa. Hanh. Send. Knock them doors down. I'm delirious but still hittin it harder than these young bucks who think Europe is a place for sleep, rather than hash, experience and beers they don't sell at the Get n Go. Hanh. Send.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

DJ Rapid Ric & DJ Chill Present
A Few Euro Dirty South Dance Parties
Presented by HoustonSoReal y Mas

Trondheim flyer NOW UP! But yeah man, it's going down and if you are in Oslo, Trondheim, Amsterdam or London please come see us. Malmo, Copenhagen and Paris all fell through. We will be spending a day in Germany though promoting. Hoping to see y'all out there. Please come holler. We will have DJ Chill and Rapid Ric mixtapes + Whut it Dew T-Shirts for sale in every city. We need your money, for real, come get some shit.

Peep this right here out before you look at the flyers. It's about the TV Show in Norway. Peace to Lydverket and Stress and Kingsize and Everyone!

Oslo, you are my city. I love you. Call a realtor cuz after this I may get a summer home somewhere on your beautiful shores. People, I expect to see all y'all Devin the Dude fans out here tonight! Also they will be reshowing the Lykervet Houston TV Special with Mona B and posse. You can maybe see me sitting at my kitchen table with my daughter Elena in my lap being interviewed about Houston. See Devin smoking on my porch. Not sure what made the final cut, but I know it's gonna be throwed. Thanks to Mona B and everyone at Juicy and Tornado and Tommy Tee and Raide and everyone out there for all your help and love for the south. We got more coming. I see an Oslo monthly in my future.

Trondheim, everyone tells me I am gonna love you too.

Amsterdam, y'all already know you're my people. Thanks to everyone at the Melkweg and You can actually win free tickets to the event by clicking here. I'll be staying in the Bijlmer with my boy Arend. Trying to find a place for the talent to stay as we will be in Amsterdam a few extra days. Certainly could be worse things eh? We accept Euros, Shiva, Grasstacy, Shoes, Eggs, all that shit. And Rapid Ric accepts payment in fungi. Remember that.

London, we have wanted to see you for so long now. We love you too. Please buy thngs from us. The Pound is worth more than the dollar and we need yours.

(PS What y'all know about MC Eiht from Comptons Most Wanted at the Aarhus Tookit Festival October 7th? Whoooooo y'all are in for a treat. Wish I could be there. Hell, we don't get to see MC Eiht HERE!)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Coughee Brothaz Car Wars at the Orange Show Realest Day Ever

I wish I had photos from last nights UGK show in Dallas. Man, they did a Scion Event FREE at Erykah Badu's Black Forest Theater on the south side of Dallas. All reports say that UGK's first full concert in almost five years was off the chain. About an hour long and all the hits. Shit was still lined up around the block after the show and the spot was over stuffed. A free UGK show in Dallas? Come on now. When's the free Houston show?

Thursday night's Scion sponsored Gnarls Barkley show at Warehouse Live was off the chain though.

Scion booking shows with UGK, Too Short? Let's get it going. Not sure who's got photo's from last night but I bet would be a good place to start looking. Heard Money Waters tore it up out there too. I wish I could have, but I just couldn't drive to Dallas with Europe coming up on Wednesday. I'm bout to post the schedule...

But today...

Man, while I was a little disapointed that the show wasn't held inside the actual Orange Show - it went down in the field down the street - I can't imagine a better way to spend my day than how we did today. It was at least 95 degrees with 100% humidity, but whatever, Devin the Dude and company performed an afternoon show (along with Eugenius, LXBub, Caps One, Vatos Locos and more) that consisted of Coughee Brothaz group cuts, solos from 14K and Devin, and old Odd Squad songs.

Cars, vibes, kids, thangs, music, stuff.

Eugenius the misfit of r&b

Caps One, LXBub

LXBub, from Fort Worth

Thowdest Ice Sculpturer - Reverand Butter and Family

Coughee Brothaz

Eva and Elena love car shows

Wood Grain Grippin'

Coughee Brotha Head

Coughee Brotha Ivory

Coughee Brotha Pee Wee

Wendy and Rad Rich being active

Odd Squadd!

Coughee Brothaz


Jugg Mugg

Rob Quest

Brent, Melissa, Elena


Witnes, Bristle, Dayta

Man hold up.

Earlier today... DJ Eva had her first soccer game. Next stop Olympics.