Thursday, January 26, 2006

K-Rino, Young Bleed Money Waters Friday Night in Austin!
Chamillionaire "Ridin'" Video Shoot
New Damage Control!
Face Live!

First Things First - Download New Damage Control Here 01-16-06
Peace to Dave Stelfox who was in the house and to K-Rino of course for coming thru to promote the Austin show.

Hoping to see a lot of y'all out there in Austin Friday night at the Back Room. Houston Legend K-Rino teams up with Baton Rouge Legend Young Bleed to headline one of the hardest line ups you're going to see this year. Money Waters, Basswood Lane and Ryno open up. It's a HoustonSoReal event and man it's goin' down.

Last week tho was a mutha. Been trying to get these photos posted for a minute now, they speak for themselves, thousands of words just below.

Cham with Tommy "Tiny" Lister aka D-Bo from Friday. Notice, Cham shot his video on a Friday and Tiny was in full D-Bo mode all day. That dude had full command of the entire set the entire day. SoReal.

And then you know, this happened and I thought you might want to know about it.

I told you D-Bo is not playin'

I'd pull his ass over in this too.

D-Bo checks out Tucks jewelry

Big E and Nancy Byron of OG PR. Nancy recently moved to Houston and is a top notch publicist. Use her!

D-Bo, Chamillionaire, Big Tuck

Bone Thugs & Harmony in the street with Cham

Play-N-Skillz produced the track.

Play-N-Skillz Sporting Top Dollar

Big E, Big Tuck

Cham and Rasaq

Skillz, Chamillionaire, Play

Chamillionaire and Krayzie Bone

Chingo fans are everywhere

Julia Beverly with a special message for the haters

Houston writer Maurice Bobb and guest were on the scene covering the shoot for Rides Magazine.

Chiefa is coming back with some FIRE!

Chiefa, Big Tuck

Monique J is the model in this shot. She asked me to add her contact information. She's a Hip Hop Dancer, Video, Commercial, Print, Bikini, Lingerie and Promotions Model in Dallas and of course she is off the chain. HoustonSoReal endorsed. PH. 214-208-1243, E-mail,

I'm telling you, Chingo fans...

...are everywhere

OG Ron C, Chamillionaire, Josh - Chamillitary

It's Rasaq boi

Shannon put it down all day doing something official

Cham and director Life Garland

Zeale 32, Dat Boy Mikee


Julia Beverly

Dat Boy Mikee, Chingo Bling (See Dat Boy Mikee in concert this Sunday in Austin with SCARFACE and the FULL BAND at Antones.)

Bless I believe was director of photography on both shoots last week. He put it down the entire time.

Play-N-Skillz on set

Skip Cheatham

The video is actually pretty ill.

And that's it.

I better see a lot of you folks in Austin TONIGHT! Friday night... See flyer above.

And I know I'll see you Sunday for Scarface with the full band. Austin.