Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Come See Me at CHINGO BLING TONIGHT IN NYC! - Play-N-Skillz VideoShootSoReal

Alright y'all forgive me for not blogging enough this past week. Wanted to keep the Scion hoe shit on top and also been busy as fuck, out of town and having to do real work. Anyway, just a quick comment on the Scion Next Up Contest. Them fools want you to pick the MC that is the next up to bat to blow up or whatever. Then how come every song they picked for their little contest sounds like it's from 1995? 1995 is ten years ago fools. I love real hip hop as much as the next guy, but come on now, I already have Enta Da Stage, and a whole lot of other great albums... Anyway... I voted for Omega Red.

That's netiher here nor there, what's really good is TONIGH AUGUST 31ST IN NEW YORK CITY we have the man, the Tamale Kingpin, Chingo Bling perfomring live in concert at Joe's Pub with Scavone, DJ JD (Happy Birthday my man) and DJ Elle. DJElleSoReal, RoxySoReal.

This gonna be our biggest event since Devin the Dude so get there early (Doors at 11 p.m.) and be ready to party. Chingo throws down like no other.

BE THERE! PLease, we want to see you so badly. Brought to you by HoustonSoReal and la familia ROXYSODAMNREAL!

Anyway this past weekend I was in Dallas shooting photos at the Play-N-Skillz video shoot. Chamillionaire don't know this, but I'ma try to make our October NYC jump off be Chamillionaire and Play-N-Skillz. What y'all know 'bout that shit???

Anyway photos all crazy, just know I got to kick it hard with Young Bleed and Money Waters in the evening time and Play-N-Skillz know how to make a video. Shit was thowed. I need to get my shit together and get to the airport. Keep it soreal. See you tonight New Yawkers....


Rob G (right) and his man

Poker Face

Play and Big Tuck (DSR)

Julia I think her name is...


Pikhasso and DJ Fish

How does one go about getting this job now?

One for the ladies.

NancyByronSoReal and Tino Cochino

Play a Playa...

George and PushinBigBody

Skillz from the sky

Director QUICK with them guls


Play-N-Skillz with Director QUICK

Naima and Rob G

Siren got that front

Back but no side to side today

Yaima I think...

Carlos y Top Dollar Clothing La Familia!

Play and his Son.

Play and the man CHAVEZ!

Gemini, DJ Hardbox and crew

Skillz, Young Bleed, Money Waters

What every video needs

Young Bleed, Me, Pookie from Urban South

Young BleedSoReal

Young Bleed and Money Waters

Mayne, quite a weekend, off to New York... PEACE